Mistral Essentials - April 15, 2020

A note from the Principal

Dear Families,

I wish I did not have to add to the reading material in your inbox, but I’d like to update you on some important information.

Materials Distribution

This process went very well this week. Thank you for keeping your distance and quickly picking up your belongings. Some of you stopped by the office to say “Hi” through the window and we were glad to see you! If you were unable to pick up materials, please know that we will still be providing activities on Google Classroom to keep your child’s skills sharp and learn new concepts. I do not know when we will be able to give out materials again.

Family Donations

Several families in our community have donated $1200 so far to families in crisis and are planning to donate more. Thank you to Pamela Lane, Sandi Puett, and our PTA Executive Board for spearheading this effort. Eberardo López, our SCEF, and Daena Armenta, our secretary, have also been instrumental in identifying families who need help.

Distance Learning Plan

This information is briefly summarized from the email I sent you last week, with a few additional thoughts. Beginning April 20, each week, students will receive 8 core-subject lessons, two live PE lessons, and two STEAM lessons. Students will have activities and classwork to complete. Students can find their work in two places:

  • The Distance Learning Dashboard (accessible from our website) will contain the teacher’s schedule/agenda for the week and important links/resources.

  • Each teacher’s Google Classroom is accessible from your computer, Chromebook, tablet, or phone. If you use a tablet or phone, you will have a better experience if you download the app. Your child’s teacher will share all information with you by Friday. Your child can access Google Classroom via Clever or through the Google Classroom app or website. If you are added to a Google Classroom, you can change the settings so that emails do not come to you whenever the teacher creates a new post or assignment.

  • Why Google Classroom? Smartphones are the most ubiquitous device among families in our District and Google Classroom’s app allows for anyone with a smartphone to have access. It is also a great way for teachers to communicate with students, assign work, give feedback, and keep materials private.

Although teachers will not be grading assignments, it is still important for your child to complete the work assigned. We want all our students to be ready for the next grade level when we return to school! We know that Distance Learning can be a lot for families to manage, so we only ask that you do your best. Do what is right for your family so that learning remains a fun, engaging experience.

Students will be meeting with their teachers using Zoom. A few important points about this program:

  • Students do not need a userid/password to attend a meeting; they only need to click on a link.

  • Students will start the meeting in a “waiting room” and the teacher will identify the student and let them in. This is for security purposes, so that no uninvited guests can come in.

  • The Zoom links are only given out in Google Classroom, which means that they are not available publicly, for an extra layer of security.

STEAM and SPED teachers are already providing lessons and support. Our librarian is working on a comprehensive schedule to be able to read with students frequently. Live PE lessons start next week. Your teacher will share the schedule with you and include links to the meetings in Google Classroom.


Each family in our school should have at least one device at home. In the winter, we set up and issued more than 150 Chromebooks and several refurbished laptops to families in need of a device. Our District has also issued Chromebooks to families on two occasions. Those Chromebooks will automatically connect to our wifi hotspots across the District. If you have trouble with your Chromebook, please email support@mvwsd.org, call (650) 526-3252 and leave a detailed message, or see these troubleshooting tips.

Wifi Access

While many families have easy access to wifi, some do not. Beginning April 20, families will be able to access free wifi in the parking lots at Mistral. Other parking lots in the District with free wifi include: Monta Loma, Crittenden, Graham, and Landels.

No matter the schedule you choose for your family, please keep reading!

District News

Middle School electives selection coming soon

It is the time of year when our incoming middle school students choose their electives for next year. As we enter the third year of the new inclusive middle school schedule, our middle schools are currently working to provide quality offerings that we hope will pique students’ interests and a great complement to our core academics.

Parents will receive an email on April 24 with course descriptions and selection directions. All 5th-7th graders will preference their course electives online through Powerschool on April 29-May 8, 2020.

2020 Census Paper Questionnaires are on their way to Californians!

If you’re among the 70+ million households who have already responded to the 2020 Census, thank you! If you haven’t completed it yet, paper questionnaires are in the mail headed your way. Households receiving the paper questionnaire can still respond online or by phone, or they can return it by mail in the enclosed envelope. When you respond online, use the Census ID from the letter or provide your address. To respond now, go to https://go.usa.gov/xdKjk.

Please encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to complete it too. It’s something everyone can do while practicing social distancing at home to make a difference today, tomorrow and the next 10 years.