Beaches, Food, & Love

By: Kayla Hunter

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Spring break was AMAZING! I continued after school with family love at home. As the time came down, SATs was stuck in my head. I take SATs June 8th, which means I have AMPLE AMOUNT OF TIME TO STUDY! Once the weekend came, that is when I started the joyness of beaches, and food, as well LOVE.

1st Destination

First stop is Columbus, Georgia to my cousin's house to only do doughnuts in the road! We stopped at Peachtree Mall inside JCPenny to go to Sephora, such a recommendation to very beautiful face and skin! We had TONS of food, but the best thing was getting coffee from Fountain City Coffee shop downtown Columbus.

2nd Destination

Only to shop, and explore a big city, we decided to go to Lenox Square, which HAS such amazing things which I received with all dad cards! Next thing I have to worry about is a CAR!!

(Wish me luck on that one)


Although this was my last stop, I enjoyed the beach the most. NO, I couldn't step out and play in sand, but I did walk in the water. This was an one time experience, I would love for everyone to explore what I have experienced!