October, 2015

Amazing Students!

Just wanted to take a moment to say how great I thought your children were in their very first student-led conferences. Each was poised, honest and willing to share all aspects of their 6th grade year - they were wonderful! I came away from these with even greater respect for you as parents to your great kids! Thanks so much for sharing them with me this year. I feel truly blessed to each and every one of them in my class!

FYI: We have begun our study of Antarctica in Geography! Makes me chilly just thinking of it!

Little Buddies - We had a GREAT time!

Your children have been matched up with Pre-K students as their buddies this year and have had a great time working with them in the classroom. We visit about once a month and help their little buddies make a project. This month they helped to make Halloween candy bags for the PK party this week. It's been great to see how much the little kids love your children! They are such wonderful role models and are very kind. Great job, 6A!