Consideration In Managing Diversity

Abrianna Moore, Riley Meyer, and Jacob Cain

Size of the Business

·In a small business the owner is responsible for making sure the business complies.
·In a large business there will be a department to handle problems and equity needs.

Composition of the Workforce

·The amount of diversity in the workforce affects the management of that workforce.
·Managers should be well informed about the diverse characteristics of their workers.

Internal Communication

·The way in which information is exchanged within the business is an important factor in managing the workforce.
·Unless the business communicates and implements its fair hiring policies to employees, employees won't know the truth.

Various factors affect the way in which a business manages diversity in its workforce.

  • Size of the business.
  • The amount of worker interaction.
  • Legal requirements that affect the business.
  • Current business policies.
  • Composition of the workforce.
  • Internal communication.