Weekly Memo

January 11-16



Tuesday: Tier 2, PTA

Wednesday: AIT



Monday, January 18, 2016 NO SCHOOL

Parking Lot Duty: Gooman Classroom Monitor:

Detention: Monday: Howell

Tuesday: Thomas

Thursday: Clinton

Character Trait for January : Determination

Curriculum Teams: no meeting this week

Cafeteria PBS Lessons

We found the Yaker Tracker and the lunch duty supervisors are working on how it works complete with consequences. You can look forward to information coming soon about this. It has also been requested that there be some discussion on table manners.


Social Studies Meeting

Well it looks like things have moved down a grade level in almost all grades. Third and fourth grade-discussions will be had about MO History issues as we do not want an entire grade level to not get that information. I do want them to get pioneer days-I feel like the community loves that event and we would get some backlash if one group didn’t get it. That big event will be moved to third grade. We have concerns that continents are not in the standards that we could find-thanks MaryAnn for bringing that to our attention. There are a lot of economics standards across the grade levels so we will start looking for that information. Angie Vogel is going to check on a program used by a JC counselor called BizWorld-google it as it looks interesting.

Inside Recess

Please be sure to be “present” when you are in the gym. I am going to suggest that you organize activities for the kids to do instead of just going wild. I do not want students running or playing on the bleachers due to safety concerns. If you would like a game suggestion to play ask Coach Randle-she has a bunch of different tag games that the kids love and they are easy to play and explain.


This is set for January 22. I do not know any details but have asked Hannah to find out if we are invited to participate and how they want us to participate. I told her we can cheer very well and if the cheerleaders want to teach us a cheer they are welcome to come teach us.

Fun Days

DAY 100 is February 2 according to our official day counter, Mrs. Watson. This this year we are going to celebrate 50 days left of school. February 24 is the big day! This is also our on-site Title One review. :) Bring on the poodle skirts and leather jackets. This is just a fun day to dress up. Some quick ideas to add some fun into your classroom: hula hoops, rootbeer floats, bubble gum blowing contests, sock hop, hand jive, the Twist, the Mashed Potato, look at cartoons for 1950 and compare to cartoons of today, compare toys from the past and the present. Reading Week Fun Days and Activities February29-March 4: Marci, Vicky, and Angie you are in charge of coming up with some fun stuff for us!
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18 No school

21 Board Meeting

22 Homecoming, Conference Principal Meeting, Jana works with 3-5

26 Tier 2

27 Faculty Meeting

28 Jana works with K-2


2 Day 100

3 PDC meetings

5 Midterm