My Best Tech Projects of 2014-2015

by Demond Thompkins

Toontastic Project

I did a pirate ship (pirate) for this. Sometimes when you get rescued, you can get stranded their. It really had to put in some effort to be one of the top 5.

Haiku Deck Project

Well, I don't remember a lot what I did about it. Things can be hard to finish. Somewhat, my name got it in the top 5.

Collage Project

Man, that was quite the thing to be doing getting pics from the thing itself. Food always make you hungry no matter what. Food is the only reason why it reached the top 3

Tagul Project

You know, stuff to get it done. That mistakes like this can make a bad reputation. This was the top 1 due to all the names & not a lot of stress
Big image

Photo Editing Project

Took pics of myself (hate taking pictures). Picks can make people look at you differently. This made it to the top 2 (because of me {hate taking pictures} but it has me so it made it up there.