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October 18, 2019

A Message from Mrs. Robinson

Greetings Mooresville Middle School Families,

That’s a wrap for Quarter 1!!!!

Mooresville Middle School has the best students and families in North Carolina! We hope that you are following us on social media to keep up with all that is going on at our school. Throughout quarter 1, we highlighted some great events.

Right before break students completed benchmark assessments. Every quarter students will complete a benchmark assessment in each of their four core classes (Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies). Science 7 and Social Studies assessments are created by the teachers at Mooresville Middle School. All Reading, Math, and Science 8 assessments are created by MGSD partner TE21. These assessments are 98% aligned to the NC EOG test. Teachers use student assessment results as a way to plan future remediation lessons and to reflect on successful teaching strategies.

If you are interested in seeing a day in the life of a MMS student please sign up for our next parent tour on October 22 from 8am to 9am. You can reserve your spot by calling the front office. Our Instructional Coach and I will give you a tour of our school and you will have an opportunity to visit classrooms to see what goes on everyday at MMS from 7:30am-2:30pm!

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call.


Ayana Robinson, Principal

Mooresville Middle School

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MMS Spirit Rock!

The MMS Spirit Rock is a fun and creative way to send a message for all to see! Congratulate your favorite Student of the Month, wish a student Happy Birthday or show appreciation to your favorite teacher or staff member.

Rent the Spirit Rock for only $10 for a week (Saturday to Friday). Submit the rental form along with your payment to the MMS PTSO. Proceeds support the MMS students and staff.

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Canvas Help for MMS Parents

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 9:30-11am

233 Kistler Farm Road

Mooresville, NC

Parents who need help getting a parent observer account or have questions about understanding what you are seeing in Canvas can sign up for a parent help session being offered on Thursday Sept 12 from 9:45 - 11:00am.

Call the main office - 704-658-2720 - to sign up for the help session.

Please bring your child's student id # and laptop password especially if you have kids at another school and need to add more than one child to your account. Parents should bring your cellphone, if you plan to use it primarily to check the grades, or a laptop if you use one at home.

"What If" Grades in Canvas

Parents - Canvas has an option called "What If" in the gradebook. The purpose is to allow students to type in different numbers to help them understand what scores they need to bring up their total grade for a class. When you leave the screen, the total grade will revert to the saved grade. When your child shows you their grade in Canvas, if it doesn't match the grade you see in the parent account, this may be the reason.

MMS Assistance Form

At Mooresville Middle School we are fortunate to have many community resources available to provide assistance to families in need. Below is a list of some of the assistance programs we are able to offer at MMS because of generous community support. If you have questions about these programs, please contact a school counselor. Our school counselors are Michael Hamilton-Genson ( and Kathryn Buff (

Several of these programs require additional parent information and/or permission forms to be completed prior to your child being able to receive assistance or participate. If you indicate an interest in one of these areas, more information will be sent home once the programs are ready to begin.

MMS Assistance Form

Early College Information Session for Parents of 8th Graders

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 6-7pm

233 Kistler Farm Road

Mooresville, NC

On Thursday, November 14 a representative from Iredell-Statesville Schools will be at MMS to discuss Early College options with any interested 8th grade student from 7:45am-8:30am in the cafeteria.

Any 8th grade student who is interested in attending this information session will need to complete an on-line survey located here by Tuesday, November 12.

An information session for parents will be held Thursday, November 14 from 6:00pm-7:00pm at MMS in the Staff Development Room.

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7th grade math has finished our ratio and proportion unit. We have learned all about consumer math and how to apply our math into real life situations. We have been discussing scales and how to create a scale drawing or model of an object. When we return from break, we will continue to apply our consumer math knowledge in a consumer math project. We will also begin working with positives and negatives. We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers. We will begin this with hands on manipulatives and eventually move to computing without the aide of manipulatives.


As we enter the second quarter Seventh Grade Language Arts is excited. We will begin our novel studies with characters that are intriguing and real to life. We will begin the quarter focusing on standards RL and RI 7.4 and 7.6. Please be aware that we will be starting our vocabulary study and students will either have weekly vocabulary words or stems he/she will be quizzed on. Now is a good time to restock school supplies for students and if you can spare a box of tissues and a roll of paper towels for teachers.


We are finishing the atmosphere and weather as the quarter winds up. There are many future meteorologists in our midst! The students know what is happening when they see H and L's, or cold and warm fronts on a weather map. They know that warm ocean waters make hurricanes stronger. When they look into the sky and see cirrus clouds, they celebrate the fair weather, but they know that a weather change is coming in 24-48 hours.

For the second quarter, it's a complete switch. We move from earth science to life science. This quarter, we will start with the study of protists, which are single-celled organisms. We will use microscopes to examine their properties, and we will learn about cell theory and the history of biology. We will then move to the study of cells, and finish the year with a review of the body systems studied in 5th grade, adding 4 new systems that were not learned in previous years.

Social Studies

7th grade Social Studies had a lot of fun this past month learning about government and economies! We will start after Fall Break with the Renaissance. Then, move onto the Reformation and exploration.
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8th grade Math students ended the quarter with graphing linear functions and writing their equations. Second quarter has begun with applying our graphing knowledge to solve systems of linear equations.

Math 1 students ended the quarter with linear functions and applying that knowledge to parallel and perpendicular lines. We have begun second quarter with a mini-unit on the Real Number System which includes classifying numbers and estimating irrational numbers.


8th Grade ELA students have been focusing on figurative language, point of view, theme, and text based responses. We have looked at characterization and conflict through various short stories and novels. These skills will be practiced through a skills review test when we return from break. Honors students are reading Ayn Rand's Anthem. Students in Mrs. Ketchie's and Mrs. Orlando's classes have begun S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders. Mrs. Miller's students are beginning Discovering Wes Moore. Mrs. Vickery's students are finishing up Sharon Draper's Tears of a Tiger. Mrs. Blanton's students have analyzed theme through the writing process using Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery".

Social Studies

8th grade SS students finished 2nd quarter with an in depth study of the U.S. Constitution. Students learned why it was created and how it was created. They also learned how the Constitution is organized. Also, they learned how the information in the Constitution created our government system and how it continues to affect our government process, especially the Bill of Rights.

Our focus 2nd quarter will begin with a mini-unit on Alexander Hamilton and the creation of the National Bank. We will then venture into the Westward Expansion of the United States.


We have traveled back in time in Earth's geologic history. We have been studying the Precambrian Era, Paleozoic Era, Mesozoic Era, and Ceneozoic Era. We saw many of the different events that happened in these Eras. We switched gears and have been learning about the theory of Evolution through natural selection. We will end this quarter focused on Earth's ecosystems and see the impact they have on our lives.
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PE and Health

Students have participated in the boomerball unit and are completing the ultimate ball until this week. After break we will begin our low net volleyball and indoor volleyball units.


Students began working on their individual career pathway modules. Some students are cooking food, some are using the 3D printer to make rings and keychains, some are learning about fingerprints and solving crimes, while others are learning about the principles of design and how to use those for interior design.


In 7th grade Business they are learning how to become Entrepreneurs. Students have started a Business Plan and are currently completing all the parts to their Business Plan. 8th grade student have just finished our unit on the job process. Students have completed resumes, cover letters, job applications, went on mock interviews and even learned to tye a tie correctly.

Computer Science

In Computer Science this past month students have challenged themselves to design an app which attempts to solve a problem. It has been so fun to see the impressive ideas they have come up with. Looking into October we will begin our next unit - "Web Development". In the Web Development unit, students are empowered to create and share content on their own web pages. They begin by thinking about the role of the web, and how it can be used as a medium for creative expression. As students develop their pages and begin to see themselves as programmers, they are encouraged think critically about the impact of sharing information online and how to be more critical content consumers. They are also introduced to problem solving as it relates to programming, as they learn valuable skills such as debugging, commenting, and structure of language. At the conclusion of the unit, students compile their work to create a personal website they can publish and share.

Life Skills

So far in Life Skills, 7th graders have learned about Self-Esteem and Families. We've just started our Friendship Unit. These topics are iinteresting and important to Middle Schoolers. 8th graders hsve been learning about nutrition and we aim to start our first food lab next week!

World Language

Students in Exploring Languages have been learning about Hispanic culture and researching famous Hispanic-Americans in honor of Hispanic-Heritage month. Spanish students have been spending time learning calendar vocabulary and weather vocabulary. They should be able to ask/answer basic questions about the day, date and describe the weather. Ask your child to show you their Google site they created. These are works in progress.

Chorus and Theater Arts

Chorus students are preparing their voices for our Winter Concert on December 12 by focusing on breath control and pronouncing words clearly. Students continue to build their confidence while singing with others in our ensembles.

Theatre students have practiced the basic skills of vocal projection & facial expressions as they begin to memorize monologues. In-Class Performances for Theatre take place the week of November 19-22.

General Music

We have been discussing the development of music in the US, beginning with Ballad Opera in the 1780s, thru Vaudeville and Broadway musicals in the 1890s-1950s.


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So far this year, students have learned several dances! In jazz dance, students learned and refined new skills and even learned a jazz routine to the song "Wings" by Little Mix. They have learned a traditional folk dance from Germany, D'hammerschmiedsgselln, the Virginia Reel, and are now working on creating their own choreography using the AB method.

Visual Art

We are currently working on posters for the Mooresville Lions Club International Poster contest. Later this month they will be judged by a local artist the three top winners will win cash prizes and the chosen to have their artwork sent on to the state and international level for more cash prizes. The posters that were not chosen will have an opportunity to have their work displayed at the end of the semester art show. "I haven't failed -- I've just found 10,000 that won't work." - Thomas Edison

English Language Learners

Students have spent time working with vocabulary and concepts from their core classes. Currently, they are exploring Hispanic Hertiage Month by creating banners of famous Hispanics to put in the hallways and researching a famous Hispanic and his/her influence.

Reading Enhancement

In Reading Enhancements students have been learning comprehension strategies to strenghten their reading. We started off working on finding books that students are interested in. It has been so great to see them begin to grow in their love for reading. I am looking forward to continuing this next quarter!

Mooresville Middle School


Mooresville Middle School is committed to creating the conditions that bring each student to full academic potential as engaged, life-long learners and citizens by developing critical thinkers and problem solvers.


Mooresville Middle School will instill an appreciation and love for learning in our students as we help them develop the skills needed to become goal oriented, independent thinkers and leaders in an ever-changing global society. We challenge every student, every day to discover and develop a positive sense of self, as well as to respect themselves and others through meaningful collaboration with peers, teachers, and parents.