Give Your Pics a Voice{Thread}!

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How to Use VoiceThread

How to use Voicethread

VoiceThread in Action

Voicethread use in classrooms

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Tips for Teachers

Courtesy of VoiceThread in the Classroom

  1. Start small. Begin by creating your own VoiceThread on which students may comment. As your students become more comfortable with VoiceThread, they can make an individual project.
  2. Model appropriate comments for students. Give them prompts to start their comments like, "This reminds me of..." or "I'm surprised that..."
  3. Make sure to discuss internet safety and copyright issues when starting a VoiceThread project.
  4. Under one account, you can create several avatars. You can easily monitor students from your account.
  5. If your VoiceThread is public, make sure to monitor all comments.

How could YOU use VoiceThread in YOUR classroom?

Jessica Johnston

Instructional Technology Specialist

Brenham Independent School District