Hailey Gobourne 7-A

Erganomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.

Ergonomics is the study of people working on sometimes life threatening jobs. Many people that work in factories or people that sit on computers all day are effected by these disorders. The company that protects them is called OSHA. OSHA protects them when they are hurt on the job so their work place doesn't try to be unfair.

Good habits and Bad habits

Lastly, Some healthy ergonomics habits are to position your computer or computer chair to where your back is straight. That helps so you won't get head aches. Another one is to keep your hands the shape of a ball so you don't get carpal tunnel. Also you can lift with your legs and not your back so you don't get a humpback. You also don't have to get a humpback by sitting straight back on your chair. Negative examples are that you look all in the computer screen bent over. Another is pecking your fingers. Also you bend down to get a heavy box.

Erganomics Quote

“Almost any seat was comfortable at one-sixth of a gravity.”
by: Arthur C. Clark
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