Overjoyed October-In Our Class

Oct.12, 2015

Poetry Corner

Snap, Snap, Snap. Pull up a chair and sip some coffee as you read this newsletter's inspirational poem by Jonathan Ewell.


Every fall I feel the season

School is in session and the leaves are full of color

It's so cold outside but so warm on the inside

I see the pumpkins and I get excited for Halloween

I see the turkey soup and I get excited for Thanksgiving

I feel the season

Pumpkin Collage

Masterpiece of the week: Pumpkin Collage--Capture Fall's personality with a pumpkin collage of elaborate colors.
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Fun Pastimes

Music Magic and Video Production with Mr. Mike

After publishing a song using Garage Band, we created a video on iMovie to go with the song's theme-Action. First check out our slide show of our movie trailer in the making, followed by our special feature The Escape trailer. Happy viewing!
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Big image
The Escape Movie Trailer in the Making
The Escape Trailer

Parent Teacher Conferences- Thursday, November 12th and Friday, November 13th

Thank you for confirming you Parent Teacher conference times!

Calendar of Events

  • Thursday, October 15th - Teacher Work Day (Students Dismissed at 12pm)
  • Friday, October 30th - Happy Halloween
  • Thursday & Friday, November 12th-13th Parent Teacher Conferences (Half Days-Students Dismissed at 12pm)