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February, 2021


We are proud of the following students who achieved Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for the first semester. Keep up the great work!

Freshman High Honor Roll

Elizabeth Adams, Sydney Andrews, Grant Aubry, Leo Bankel, Collin Boorsma, Rune Boyd, Miya Castillo, Morgan Cetera, Samantha Conroy, Alejandro Gerardo, Priya Gilissen, Amanda Griffin, Trever Harp, Amanda Harris, Alana Hartel, Sydnee Keller, Emily Kirchhoff, Anna Kunzer, Mia Kuzelka, Emma Leucht, Cadence Leucht, Dylan Locke, Jenny Loyo, Madalyn Mardock, Ryker Markus, Madelyn Miceli, Paola Montes, Jhonatan Morejon Cortez, Hir Patel, Athan Poggas, Kevin Ponce, Nessa Randall, Marcus Ray, Alondra Saldana Padilla, Caden Sauder, Savannah Scholfield, Cody Stallings, Zoey Vallee, Keatyn Velasquez, Tess Volkers, Emily White, and Marissa Young

Freshman Honor Roll

Isaac Anthony, Rebecca Benton, Cory Castaneda, Alexandra Conroy, Samantha Correa, Bartholomew Dose, Lilly Drolen, Mahala Englehart, Niko Enriquez, Frank Erb, Owen Frederick, Elizabeth Gomez, Anastacia Kalter, Lilly Kunzer, Christopher Kunzer, Ella Logue, Perla Lopez, Gage Lopez, Evan Maniates, Erika Montes Xelhua, Natalia Rodriguez, Eldarion Sobusiak, and Carson Van Winkle

Sophomore High Honor Roll

Gianna Almeida, Michaela Almeida, Sophya Anbar, Meredith Angelo, Jason Bloom, Alexandra Brackmann, Jordan Brogdon, Trevor Bruski, Abigail Burman, Alexa Calbow, Madeline Christopher, Ella Davis, Elizabeth Dominguez, Grace Durkin, Jessica Elqunni, Nathan Evans, Richmond Fredrickson, Hayden Gieseke, Almea Giovannini, Chloe Gochis, Lily Goode, Christian Graves, Mariah Grindle, Carter Heimsoth, Addie Johnson, Isabella Johnson, Luke Kacprowicz, Sydney Koplin, Joseph Leibrandt, Zanfina Ljumani, Mia Lulinski, Erin Manning, Emily Martin, Kailey Mazur, Jessica Minogue, Devin Moehrlin, Tzitlali Montes, Mackenzy Mueller, Kyle Northcutt, Emily Pedroza, Vanessa Perez, Araceli Popoca Leuth, Aspen Rado, Valeria Rivera, Gilberto Rojo, Evelyn Ruiz, Christopher Ruiz, Reese Samuelson, Aleah Sauder, Patrick Signore, Kalee Skow, Hunter Smith, Jonathan Snelgrove, Eduardo Solis, Omar Timoumi, Amanda Trotz, Camden Weirich, Cheyenne Welker, and Zoe Whetham

Sophomore Honor Roll

Robel Addis, Aubrie Ettner, Bianai Gonzalez Prado, Noelle Haas, Joshua Holst, Arianna Jaen, Nathan Kagan, Keilee Kimmel, Kayla Klaassens, Mallory Lesher, Juan Lopez, Cassandra Martin, Samantha Murray, Gunner Quatroke, Trinity Starks, Ethan Struck, Ashten Valenti, and Grace Wzientek

Junior High Honor Roll

Karli Adamson, Michael Ashbaugh, Collin Aubry, Preston Bailey, Ambria Baker, Evan Barkman, Sarah Bohlander, Alexendra Botzoc, Sarah Cederlund, Bethany Christiansen, Ryan Clark, Samantha DiMaria, Alexis Elqunni, Jacqueline Euker, Avery Fashingbauer, Alexandra Fernandez, Nicole Fitch, Julissa Gonzalez Montillo, Evan Hartmann, Jack Heinberg, Samantha Hober, Courtney Jasinski, Summer Kunzer, Jacelynn Lambert, Mario Lopez, Jordan Lucio, Nicholas Martin, Taylor McGibbon, Quinn McGowan, Kathryn Meinecke, Kylie Miller, Madeline Morse, Haleigh Moye, Riley Pankow, Diya Patel, Jesse Perez, Hailey Perez, John Riedl, Abigail Rohe, Kennedy Salazar, Andrew Schermerhorn, Gabriel Schmiegelt, Audrey Schubert, Ty Sierpien, Isabella Simonini, Lauren Snelgrove, Nikiyasha Sobusiak, Bryden Steele, Dylan Stolz, Callahan Struck, Benjamin Toby, Matthew Volkening, and Elizabeth Webster

Junior Honor Roll

Abigail Burns, Nathanael Cieslak, Kyle Clavey, Morgan Coffman, Bryanna Corral, Ruby Escorza, Anastasia Guzman, Crystal Lopez, Isabela Magallanes, Samuel Montgomery, Jordan Morosi, Cameron Palmer, Andrea Perez, Grace Phillips, Mary Reed, Isabella Sanchez, Wyatt Shaw, and Lynsey Steinke

Senior High Honor Roll

Chloe Alejandre, Daniel Antonson, Tenley Bachochin, Rachel Barron, Fatimah Becovic, Zachary Bittenbender, Elizabeth Bowen, Gretchen Casper, Luke Chaffin, Logan Chanthalansy, Kiley Christopher, Angelina Cottone, Riley Coudal, Cole Davis, Steven DiMaria, Isabella Dominguez, Ariel Drolen, Erin Ferreira, Kiersten Fischer, William Fischer, Emma Gailloreto, Michael Gochis, Cari Hasse, Grant Heinberg, Jennifer Heinberg, Harrison Hoffman, Michael Jennett, Lilly Johnson, Madison Johnstone, Olivia Kalter, Kelly Karczewski, Brooke Kennebeck, Ethan Kilmartin, Joshua Koteles, Alexis Kunde, Justin Lechner, Brant Lesher, Thomas Lulinski, Blake Martin, Alexandria Mateja, Lukas Maxwell, Jack McMenamy, Rebecca Millard, Tyler Mirtl, Aaron Moehrlin, Tyler Nelsen, Landon Oine, Jonah Pace, Sebastian Palka, Aaron Phillips, Connor Ray, Owen Resenbeck, Isabella Riley, Citlali Rocha, Morgan Sebring, Zachary Secor, Katelyn Shambo, Maggie Simons, Jacqueline Snyder, Alexa Stallings, Savannah Swanson, Benjamin Taylor, Zachary Trotz, Jenna Turner, Dayla Villegas, Caroline Westmoreland, and Zachary Winter

Senior Honor Roll

Rebekah Addis, Daniel Chicoine, Dawson Ditzler, Saul Escorza, Salvador Garcia, Madalyn Halfacre, Raina Hellyer, Nolan Hopper, Kyle Klenske, Mitchell Kunde, Karli Liebmann, Diego Lopez, Faith Martynowicz, Madison Minor, Jack Morse, Kyle Peters, Jacob Ritter, Kathryn Rowley, Lucas Simpson, Spencer Slavin, Gina Spilotro, Zachary Walsweer, and Jake Yeager


The official state-mandated graduation requirements entail all Juniors take the College Board SAT, which is currently scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th. Students in grades 9 and 10 are also required to participate in a practice SAT test this Spring, however we will likely schedule this on an alternative testing date in April as it will be too difficult to administer this to all three grade levels on one day given social distancing protocols. Details regarding logistics and a testing schedule to follow for all students in grades 9-11. Juniors: Be on the lookout for invitations to participate in FREE SAT test prep on our asynchronous Wednesdays beginning in mid-February. Students will be required to request a seat at a various time through a Google survey, and confirm whether or not transportation will be required.

The following is an article written by Katelyn Shambo, a student in the Entrepreneurship Enterprise Class. This course is a global business simulation that transforms students into business executives and classrooms into office settings. Students in this class work for Skyline, a virtual trampoline manufacturing company.

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Here at Skyline, we sell various trampolines to keep you active. Skyline provides trampolines in an assortment of different sizes, shapes and includes various accessories. Skyline ensures that you get the best quality trampolines and great customer service. Our employees here believe in making sure that our company succeeds and grows bigger in the years to come.

Get to know the members of Skyline

Fatimah Becovic - CEO

Fatmah's most significant challenge as CEO has understood people's work ethic. Going into this role, she knew most of the people and their personalities. She had to find ways that she knew would motivate people to work. Her favorite part about working at Skyline has been communicating with the employees to develop ideas and execute them. She is most excited to see the business grow and the ideas people bring to the table. Fatimah said in the interview, "The more people that care about the class, the more people care about executing something in this class." When asked about her team, she discussed how overall, all the workers work hard and how the chosen chiefs and those who ran all possessed excellent leadership ability. She says, "Leaders see potential in people, and they grow that potential, and they bring out that inner confidence that everyone has inside them." Fatimah shows great enthusiasm in her role as CEO, and her final thoughts in the interview were, "It's the beginning of a great new chapter. We just opened the book." Advice: “Seize the opportunities that you have because there are so many opportunities the high school can give you.”

Trade Show

So far we have had two trade shows one being in the Midwest and the other being an international trade show. We have made a total of 58 sales, along with Alpena, Michigan being our biggest buyer with 7 total sales to them. Some are international trades include New York, New Jersey, and Holland. Our upcoming trade show is in February and are very excited to get back to work.

What have we accomplished?

  • Payroll
  • Angel Donor Money
  • Website
  • Made sales through a whole trade show
  • Handbook
  • Interviews, Resumes, Getting Positions
  • Business Plan
  • Announcements during Lunch
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    • Flyers
    • Social Media

Future Events

  • Great Lakes Region Trading Challenge - January
  • Trade Show February


MCHS Theatre Director Kate Griffith and seven Marengo students, including Rebekah Addis, Libby Bowen, Brody Donner, Grace Durkin, Priya Gilissen, Rebecca Millard, and Sammy Smith, were among 39 Chicagoland high schools who were selected this year to participate in the Chicago Shakespeare Slam. Schools across the region worked together throughout the fall semester in the Theater's fourth annual SLAM, exploring and interpreting the work of Shakespeare—and, most important, to celebrate the power of their own voices.

This is the second year Marengo has participated in the Slam. Last year the team placed as finalists and were able to perform in front of a live audience on stage at Chicago Shakespeare on Navy Pier. You can watch videos of that performance HERE.

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID‑19, the SLAM program went remote this year and culminates in a collaborative, recorded production of Hamlet, which streamed online on Thursday, January 14. Congratulations to these participants on a job well done!


It is time to register for the 2021 Human Race Extravaganza! This year’s race supports over 90 McHenry County charities! The race includes a 1-mile, 5K, ½ marathon, and a 9.5-mile bike ride. You can choose one or more races. To register visit

The Human Race is virtual this year so you can walk, run or bike anywhere, anytime during April 21 through May 9. Registrants have free access to RaceJoy, a real-time tracking tool that is GPS-based to complete their race and upload times for prizes.

The race has an 11-year history of supporting local charities, raising nearly $700,000 for McHenry County Charities. Consider joining this spirited event. For questions, contact Volunteer Center McHenry County at 815-344-4483, email or visit the website.


If we are able to have a Prom this year, it is scheduled for May 1, 2021. Please remember there are academic and behavioral expectations associated with attending all high school dances. Students must:

Be passing at least 5 classes

Have no more than 2 days of ISS per semester

Have no more than one SCAP per semester

Have no days of OSS

This eligibility criteria regarding the 2021 Prom was reviewed with students in the Fall. It is recommended you delay purchasing dress attire and tickets until we confirm our ability to hold Prom.


Class of 2025 Virtual Freshmen Orientation

Where: Virtual Freshman Orientation

Who: Class of 2025 and their parents/guardians

The MCHS Administration, Faculty, and Staff would like to welcome the Class of 2025 to high school. Students have received an orientation packet with information for registration, class scheduling, and enrollment into District 154. If you are the parent of an incoming freshman student, please view the Virtual Freshman Orientation to “meet” MCHS administrators, counselors, and teachers. Online Registration must be completed before February 1st, and course selections will be completed on February 2nd and 3rd. Instructions on how to do all of this are included in the Orientation Video Link above.

Freshmen and Sophomores: Explore Summer Opportunities. Look for a great summer experience— job, internship or volunteer position. Check with your counselor and search online for summer learning programs. The guidance web page has several summer opportunities.

Juniors: Continue to prepare to take the SAT in April. Utilize your Khan Academy account.

Seniors: Apply today for scholarships! An updated list is on the MCHS guidance web page, and sent to the Class of 2020 Remind text group. Area scholarships include: FFA Alumni, Women of McHenry County, Future Educators, Marengo Woman’s Club, and John Swanson

FAFSA- Daina Sauls is our ISAC rep who is available to help with college applications, FAFSA completion and searching for scholarships. You may reach out to her at or 815-354-0733. You can also reach out to your school counselor for help! Class of 2021, you must fill out the FAFSA form or the Opt Out Form as a state requirement to graduate in May. Opt Out Forms should be turned in to your School Counselor.

Ina Hall from MCC will be at MCHS on February 10th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to help seniors with FAFSA completion. Seniors and one parent can schedule an appointment by contacting Mrs. Olson at or 815-568-6511 x1353.


Dental Examination Requirement

Current 9th grade students are required to provide proof of a dental examination performed by a licensed dentist by May 15, 2020. If you have not already submitted this, please provide the required documentation to our school nurse. School dental examinations must have been completed within the 18 months prior to May 15. Click here for a Dental Examination Form.

Meningococcal Vaccine Required

The Meningococcal vaccine is required for students entering 12th grade. The Illinois Department of Public Health is requiring that all student entering 12th grade show proof of two doses of meningococcal vaccine unless the first dose was administered after 16 years of age. In this case, only one dose is required.

Asthma Action Plan

New policy was enacted in 2017 that states we must request an asthma action plan from parents of student who have asthma. This form must be completed by a physician and returned to the school nurse.


On Tuesday, January 26th, the Governor upgraded our region into Tier 1 Mitigations. This means low-risk sports can resume their normal season. Medium-risk sports can compete in conference and region competitions. High-Risk sports can have practice, but no competitions until our region moves into Phase 4.

Boys and Girls Bowling: Began practice Wednesday, January 20th. The boy's first competition is scheduled for February 3rd at Huntley. The girl's first competition is on February 5th at Glo Bowl vs Woodstock.

Cheer: Began practice Wednesday, January 27th. We are currently looking for competition opportunities to replace cancelled events.

Boys and Girls Basketball: Full practices began Tuesday, January 26th. If the region moves out of Tier 1 Mitigations and into Phase 4, they will be able to begin competitions. Contact days for off-season sports (Football, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, and Soccer) began Monday, the 25th. This allows practices to be held based on the sport's level of risk, and will take place week days between 5-8 p.m. and all day Saturday until 8:00 p.m. Registration for these contact days will carry over from the fall contact days’ registration. If you were signed up for those opportunities, the coach should have reached out with a schedule. If you did not participate in the fall, please register for Fall and Winter Contact Days at

The IHSA met on Wednesday, January 27th and the following calendar was released for the remainder of the year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Athletic Director, Nate Wright, by email at or by phone at 815-568-6511 x1612.

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