Leisure and Relaxation


My family is big into sports! We love the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Badgers, And Admirals. Besides watching the we play a lot of them. My dad has played basketball, football, baseball, softball, tennis, golf, soccer, does tae kwon do, and has hunted. My mom has played basketball and track. My older sister plays volleyball, softball, and tae kwon do and has played soccer, swam, and t-ball. I play basketball, softball, tennis, cross country, swam, and I swam, played t-ball, did gymnastics and tae kwon do. My younger sister has swam, did gymnastics, and tae kwon do. Also my little brother plays baseball and does tae kwon do.

Bike Rides

My family is also really into biking. We take a bike ride almost every week. It has been something me and my siblings have always loved to do so we kind of just do it as a family thing.