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September 16, 2020

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Dear Penngrove Families,

This week's message is brought to you by a fellow Penngrove parent. Every now and then, a parent will offer to share his/her perspective with the community and I am an absolute sucker for those opportunities! I mean who better to hear from than a fellow parent in your very own shoes? A big take away for me these days is that while each of our experiences is different during this pandemic, we are also united by our shared experiences. Sit back and enjoy this story with a cup of tea. (Ha! JK, I know you don't have time for things like that anymore...this too shall pass.)

Side note: WOAH to the Kona Ice event today sponsored by FOPPTA! What a sight to see all those panther families on campus! Thank you to our PTA Board and volunteers for providing such a fun event.

Fall break countdown sits at 7. YESSSSSS!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week,



So, yes, distance learning is hard. These last months have been a whirlwind of working from home and cleaning the kitchen and so much arguing! About the school work and the screen time and the social distancing and there are no sports! Most of the time I don’t know what task I’m on, I’ll just do what’s in front of me and hope for the best. Eventually, I’ll take some time at the office by myself when I can to try to catch up on work.

Our son has taken to bouncing all over the house on a yoga ball like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. He has perfected rolling it forward on the up bounce, so he travels all through the house this way and prefers the ball to any chair. It really adds something to the chaotic feel of it all.

Last week’s apocalyptic scene was the icing on the cake. Though if 2020 has taught us something, it’s that the cake probably has another layer to it or some kind of gooey filling that will gush out all over everything when you slice it.

We’ve come a long way since July. When school started ala zoom, mine was the child leading the resistance. He was organized in his revolt and he had decided there was no way he would do the work. I was worried. He won’t budge when he’s decided something.

Can we take a minute right now and be thankful for Team Penn? They have been there for us so, so much!

They were so organized in their approach, that my son’s organized resistance basically crumbled upon seeing the schedule. Knowing he would be compelled to participate, he found all kinds of ways to avoid the work or make it silly. He figured out how to play games on the computer when I wasn’t watching, or to pretend that he turned in the work on Google Classroom, by just turning in blank pages or clicking buttons to make it disappear.

What he has not been able to escape, is the excellent and ongoing communication from Team Penn. Their availability and their candor. Mrs. Fadeji’s participation in every student’s education. His teacher’s unwavering commitment to her students. It’s taken some time and a lot of conversations. Now, as we approach Fall Break, I feel less worried (at least about school).

I’ve had to let go of some things. I know his papers will never be organized as I want them to be, and there might always be some legos or a baseball in there with it. He may not write more than the required amount of sentences, or even as many, but he’s trying & he’s doing the work every day.

Last week we made the biggest change yet. And for a control-freak like me, it was a tough one. Last week’s press shared an article called, “Three Ways to Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning”. This is a must-read. For us, this article included a game-changer: “What’s your plan?”. With these three words, I have completely passed the responsibility for showing up on-time and doing the work to him alone. “What’s your plan to be on time to the zoom?”. It’s now been a few days since I asked “Are you in the zoom?”, and I was easily saying it 15 times a day. These 3 words, combined with the video game leverage and the teacher/staff communication, and I think we might be on to something. Here’s to choosing your battles!

Hang in there everyone, and don’t forget to ask for help!

~A Fellow Penn Parent

Check out this awesome video! #ProudToBeAPanther

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Panther Supply Kit

The #PennPTA is holding on to hope that our #PennPanthers will be on campus during the 2020/21 school year. To assist with the requirement for individual student supplies we have created the opportunity for families to purchase a pre-made Panther Supply Kit for $26 per student. Buying the items individually will not only cost more but will also take more of your precious time and hassle shopping around. Supply kits will be delivered to the classroom prior to on-campus learning resuming.

If for any reason in-person classes do not resume this year, the supplies will still be used by the current classes and sent home in Distance Learning packets.

PTA has pre-purchased enough supplies for every single student and will provide kits to all students, regardless of their ability to purchase one. Our goal is to break even on the costs of supplies versus sales. If there is a surplus in sales, the money will be reflected in an amended PTA budget and be funneled right back into creating magic for our community. Families are typically asked to contribute money towards field trips, but unfortunately, this school year field trips are highly unlikely. We have also included the opportunity to donate a kit to the school.

Kits are available online to purchase on the #PennPTA website, here. We do not have a deadline to order while on Distance Learning, thank you for your support!

Weekly Message From Mrs. Fadeji!

As shared with students in their Monday meetings or via learning platforms, but for your viewing pleasure to provide consistency.
Weekly Message from Mrs. Fadeji September 14

Around the World Episode #7, in Scotland!!

Around the World Wednesday - Episode 7

Help us collect 1000 paper cranes! It’s never too late to turn them in. A basket will be available Friday in the main hallway across from the multi.

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Spread the Love to #TeamPenn!

What better way to send #TeamPenn into Fall Break than with a self-care kit from the #PennVillage?! If you would like to contribute to this fun project, please drop off items to the office before September 23rd. Depending on the type and quantity of donations, we will either set up a "shop" for TeamPenn to visit, or put together goodie bags. Please note these are generic donations that will be used to spread cheer to all members of TeamPenn. Our staff has 22 teachers with a total staff of 46. As always, please know that participation is 100% optional! Throughout the year, you will hear of different ways to support our school and it is our HOPE that you will participate when and if it feels right for your family. Our goal is to make sure our staff is re-energized and re-charged when they return from break.

Donation ideas (or come up with your own!):

-notes and drawings from parents and students

-nail polish

-individual popcorn bags

-bath bombs

-coffee or gift card for coffee

-wine/other fun beverages

-books (children or adult)


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Join the #PennPTA for a virtual LEGO building contest! We will hold a show-and-tell via Zoom for students to share their creations. There are only four rules:

1- No prepackaged kits! Use your creativity to build your own design.
2- Follow the maximum number of pieces listed below.
3- Submit a photo of your creation to
4- Have fun!!

TK - K (100 pieces)
1 - 3 (150 pieces)
4 - 6 (200 pieces)

Winners based on creativity and originality will be selected in each of the above grade-level categories.
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The #PennPTA is holding monthly Community Chats on various topics. These are open forum outlets to meet members of the #PennVillage and discuss relevant items. The first topic is ‘Parenting though Distance Learning.’ Zoom link in next weeks Penngrove Press.