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AAA News You Can Use-January 19

Instructional Rounds=Success!

Thank you for being prepared and organized for Instructional Rounds. The participants were able to gather a wealth of information and provided some great feedback for us as we move into our next level of work. Mrs. Small, Ms. Edgecombe and I will be sharing some of our next steps in individual meetings and grade level meetings. I will also dedicate some time on our half day-January 29-to go into detail about the findings and suggested strategies.

Common Planning Times

We will not have PLCs meeting this week as a group. Mrs. Small and Ms. Edgecombe will continue individual data meetings with teachers.

We will be on track the week of January 25 to hold RtI PST meetings. I encourage you to take a close look at your STAR data this week to determine which students can fade from RtI and which students may need to be added.

Proof of Residency Campaign

Please help us collect this information. Our deadline is January 29 and we are currently at 15%. The grade level with highest percentage turned in by this Friday will receive a day of duty free lunch. Good luck!

This Week at a Glance


  • MLK Holiday


  • Microwave Dave Foundation visiting 6th grade with Ms. Estelle


  • Small Group and Committee Meetings as Needed-team leaders will contact as needed


  • HCS Vertical Team Meetings for teachers grades 6-8


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January 22 Diana Harper

January 22 Lisa Snodgrass

ALICE Training

Please let Dr. Hambrick know ASAP if you have not been trained on the ALICE procedures. These trainings have occurred throughout last spring and this fall to make sure we know how to react to an intruder. ALL CERTIFIED EMPLOYEES must have training. If you participated at another school in the spring, at AAA in the spring, or at AAA on September 14 you do not need to attend again.


Mr. Leopold and Addie Holder (8)-she will be receiving the DAR American History Award

Mrs. VandeVoorde-she will be receiving the Black History Month Teacher Award

Teleyah Hester (6) 1st place Black History Artist

Hudson Haynesworth (8) 2nd place Black History Artist

Noah Beddingfield (5) 3rd place Black History Artist

Jay Sales (5) Honorable Mention Black History Artist

The following students had Reflections projects that placed at the HCS district level and will be submitted to the state level of competition.

Addie Camille Holder Alex Stuart
Autumn McCombs Betsy Stuart

Brianna Kline
Brienna Satterfield
Caden Roberts
Haley Reeves
Kensley Mierra Jones Rylee Satterfield
Selah Almond

Dismissal Duty for this Week


Walk Ups

Stricklin, Hester, VandeVoorde


Leopold, Peck, Knutson, Rodriguez

(One things are settled inside-please send one teacher outside to assist in loading cars)



(This teacher should check cafeteria each day for students that need supervision until their after school activity begins. A teacher will arrive to get them by 3:15. We have not had may after school events but they have started up-math team, robotics, rehearsals, etc)

STAR Progress Monitoring this week: We will resume progress monitoring after RtI PST meetings next week.

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Please publish the follow links for parents to sign up for tutoring:

Signup for Elementary:

Signup for Middle:

Don' Forget and Things To Do!

  • Laptops, chargers and HDMI cords should be locked up when not in use. Teachers and students are responsible for the loss if not placed in a secure location.
  • Create an OmniFund account. You can do this from the HCS home page.
  • We are excited about the Coke machine in the workroom. Please remember NO STUDENTS should have access to the machine. Do not send students to get drinks.
  • Food and drinks should stay in the cafeteria. Many students are saying that teachers tell them it is ok to bring breakfast for lunch to the room. At this time, we are not equipped for Breakfast in the Classroom so don't encourage students to bring items to the pod or classrooms.
  • From Dr. Summerville: Snack and recess cannot be taken away from students as a form of discipline. Update: up to 5 minutes of recess can be taken
  • Mark your calendar for Wellness Screening on Feb 17. Nurse Hanks will provide more details soon.
  • Make sure you have added evidence to EDAL for Nov, Dec and Jan.