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Good Morning DCMS Heroes!

It is hard to believe that we are into the second week of September already! I want to say that I am so pleased with our start to this year. We seem to be aligned and working together in congruence with our mission. This is so exciting to me.

In terms of student management, you all are doing excellent work! You have set expectations for student behavior in keeping with the - Respectful, Responsible, Reliable, Ready to Learn, and Safe! Please keep holding accountability and rewarding good behavior. We want to reward more, so we don't have to use the discipline options if at all possible. Try to award 20 wampums a week for a few more weeks. Once they have the procedural stuff down, move on to rewarding higher level behaviors and habits you want to encourage like perseverance in solving a difficult problem or collaborating well with others during group work.

In the classroom, I am seeing many of you use of the TLaC strategies. This is so good. These techniques are paramount to student engagement and maintaining appropriate and challenging rigor. We want our students to work those brains...not just regurgitate information. Please refresh yourselves on the techniques below.

Thank you for all you do. Our staff is an amazing staff. You are appreciated!

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Teach Like a Champion Quick View & Growth Guide

In the link below you will find an excellent publication by the Missouri Department of Education. While the publication shows how each technique helps teachers meet the standards in the Missouri teacher evaluation system, there are strong parallels to our system.

Each technique has a quick, easy to understand explanation by it in the table. More importantly, there is a growth guide to help you reflect on your own practice. Use of the TLaC strategies is simply good teaching!

Upcoming Events

  • Midterm Window Opens – Wednesday, 9/12
  • Midterms Grades Due to be Posted – Friday, 9/14 by 3 PM
  • Building DLTA Discussions Meeting – Friday, 9/14: Send any concerns with suggestions to Mike Scott prior by Wednesday, 9/7. Mike will be meeting with both Marsha and Dave. Minutes from the meeting will be shared with the staff after each meeting by Mike.
  • Picture Retakes for Staff & Students – Friday, 9/21
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Upcoming Meetings

  • Faculty Mtg – Tuesday, 9/11, in the Bat Cave @7:25 AM; mandatory training items (BBP, Bullying, Harassment) Teachers or IA’s who miss this meeting will be required to watch the training on their own time.
  • PLC – Wednesday, 9/12, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM;
  • PLC – Wednesday, 9/19, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM
  • MS BST Mtg - Monday, 9/24, @ 3:30 PM in the Admin Conference room
  • Department Mtg – Tuesday, 9/25, @7:25 AM in locations TBD by Department Heads
  • PLC – Wednesday, 9/26, in The Bat Cave @7:25 AM


  • Dave is out today and tomorrow at a Safety Conference being put on by the state.
  • Class Social Media pages/accounts - Please let me know if you have created a class social media pages so we can follow it.
  • Cell Phone Violations Procedures are found here at the following link. Please familiarize yourself with the process.
  • Friday School / Detention Supervisor Sign-Up – Please sign up to supervise a Friday School or Detention for the good of the school culture using the links below. Detentions will now be on Thursday AM and Thursday PM.

Detention -

Friday School -

About Us: Mission & Collective Commitments

We are a collaborative group of educators committed to ensuring high student achievement.

We commit to…

  1. Focusing on student proficiency of Indiana College & Career Readiness standards, not just coverage of material.
  2. Working collaboratively to benefit all students with a focus on results.
  3. Join forces to learn by doing on a daily basis.
  4. Using frequent common assessments that inform and drive our instruction.
  5. Providing intervention and enrichment based upon the formative data.
  6. Furthering a culture that uses value-added language, encourages one another, and celebrates successes.