Medical History research project

By Marcus and Samuel 9B


In 1895, a German called Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered x-rays.The discovery was made in Germany. During 1895, he was investigating the effects of cathode rays(streams of electrons) when he eventually found out how to make a machine where you could observe the inside of the body without cutting it open. To test the machine for the first time, Wilhelm used his wife's hand for x-ray pictures.

X-rays were a very important discovery because it allowed doctors to observe and acquire results about the insides of patient's bodies without having to cut them open. There is also proof that this machine saved a lot of soldier's lives in the world wars and we still use it for observations today.

Sources: Medicine through time(Book) by Aaron Wilkes

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1931-1970 Discovery of the pace maker

In 1961,the first pacemaker was successfully made by the two Americans Dr.William Chardack and engineer Wilson Greatbatch. They were the first two to make a successful implantable pace maker. They two americans studied off the results from the Australian doctors Mark C. Lidwell and Edgar H. Booth from 1926.

The pacemaker regulates a person's heartbeat if the chambers are not working properly, therefore saving many peoples lives. The pacemaker weighed a total of 45 kilos at the start but it was lowered after discovering to make it using lighter materials.


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1971-2010 The Human Genome Project(H.G.P)

The H.G.P took place in the US in 1990. This project's goal was to find out about all the genes in the human body and identify their role which was successfully done. Governments of USA, Britain,Japan,France and Canada as wells drug companies were all involved in this project, therefore financing it.

This project has even helped people today because the results from it have made it possible for drug companies to make medicine for specific DNA characteristics. James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the structures of DNA which inspired governments internationally to find out more about this. Therefore, they started the H.G.P started to discover thoroughly the genes inside the DNA.


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