4th Grade News

The Second Half of the Year!!!

We are 1:1 in 4th Grade!

Our long-awaited "devices" have arrived. Each fourth and fifth grade student now has their own laptop/tablet device at Fairview Elementary! They are the proud recipients of the Lenovo Yoga 11e - a wonderfully versatile and user-friendly device. We (teachers) had the opportunity to "test drive" these for a month before the winter break. We fell in love with them and have had the privilege of watching the kids just dive in and make great use of them. If you have not yet purchased earbuds or headphones for your child, we ask that you do so. Many activities involve sound, and having earbuds or headphones make it so that each student can progress through a lesson at their own pace. We will be hosting a 1:1 Parent Meeting on Thursday, February 4th at 6:00pm - please make sure to join us at this meeting. We will be talking about use, care, and responsibility of and for these devices. We will also have great examples of how we have already integrated this technology into our curriculum. We look forward to seeing you there!

Join Us at the 1:1 Parent Meeting!!!

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 6-7pm

1355 Charlotte Highway

Fairview, NC

Please join the Administrators and the 4th & 5th Grade Teachers for a 1:1 Parent Meeting!
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Number Talks

One of our district math coaches, Meg McKee, has been busy introducing the 4th graders to "Number Talks." A Number Talk provides students with meaningful ongoing practice with computation. They inspire each child to think and make sense of the mathematics they are presented. Students are never trying to figure out "what the teacher wants." Instead, they are totally engaged and immersed in their own sense-making process. If you'd like to know more about Number Talks, watch this great video put out by Stanford University. While the students profiled in this video are university students, the thinking and methodology of the Number Talks is the same in the elementary classroom. You will see that an "investigative" mindset is all that is necessary for a student to participate in a Number Talk!

Storia eBooks Subscription!!!

Our school has purchased eBooks for our students to use in the classroom (and at home, if you have Internet) for the school year! Students will have unlimited access to a digital library of fiction and nonfiction eBooks - including favorite authors, leveled readers, and insightful history and science. We are VERY excited about this amazing resource. Your child will receive login information from their teacher.

Curriculum Notes

English Language Arts: We are continuing our work on our novel units. We use these novel units to teach specific standards - which makes learning a lot more fun!

Science: We are about to begin our Electricity and Magnetism unit.

Math: FRACTIONS! Fractions scare many people, but we have a great way of introducing fractions to students. Each student will make their own fraction kit, which will be used throughout our fraction unit to help students gain a practical understanding of what fractions are, what they mean, and how they are used.

Important Dates

Thursday, February 4th: 1:1 Parent Meeting @ 6pm

Thursday, February 11th: 2-Hour Early Release

Friday, February 12th: No School (Teacher Workday)

Thursday, February 18th: Midterms

Monday, February 22nd: 2-Hour Early Release

Monday, February 29th: PTA Book Fair

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