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Publication 9 : 10/14/2019

Our journey........... #180daysofwhy

Something about this graphic below..just sums up my #WHY

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Building toward Consistency of Instructional Practices and Rigor Expectations

Noticing of Visiting Classrooms this past week.......

Classroom Visitation Focus this Week

It was a pure delight to get into classrooms this past week and begin to leave feedback notices. During visits to a few classroom this week, I was able to talk to students and ask the questions: What are you working on and why? Some of the students were able to state the learning target and why it was important. This is key, as students need to know that they are not "doing a worksheet, reading a book/passage...they are doing analyzing, comparing, problem-solving, annotating to then be able to do "x"

As I visit classrooms this week, I will continue to look for instructional activities that match the daily learning target posted and its match to a grade-level standard/rigor --- What grade level standard is being addressed during the lesson? Secondly, it is also important that students know how they will reach the given target/success criteria. Lastly, I strongly urge you to appropriately close your daily learning/period or time block section with a recap of the learning intention, therefore, cementing the learning.

Instructional Focus Area(s)

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Grade and Department Collaboration - 10/17 @ 7:45

Please click the embedded link to view slide deck/agenda for K-5

Culture and Climate

MIndset Mondays and TuneUp Thursdays......

Our culture and climate are telling us we have got to do something different. The current status quo for this is how we have done business at Gompers is in my opinion not yielding the desired results. I can not and will not accept this NARRATIVE for a great school such as GOMPERS.

There are going to have to be some collective structural changes that involve a full "ALL IN" and "ONBOARD" to support a more positive narrative for our school's success.

I know and understand that there is a lot of NEW THINGS HAPPENING,...but our climate is telling us that this has to be addressed.

I will work be working collaboratively with Safe and Civil regarding the next steps.

We got this..I know and I believe in OUR SCHOOL and ITS SUCCESS and OUR ABILITY TO CREATE the SUCCESS NARRATIVE!!

Increasing our Technology KNOWLEDGE OF GSUITE aka Google APPS

What: Technology GSUITE Support

Where: Library @ 3:30

When: October 15, 22 & 29 (3 Consecutive Tuesdays...information builds on each other)

Agenda Topics:

Google Classroom K-5

Google Classroom 6-12

Yes, it is voluntary buttttttttt ohhhhhh so worth it!

LBUSD, School Deadlines, Protocols and Structures......

School Leadership...........


SDM: "SubCommittee" met last week and began to work on the bylaws using samples from other sites (Cubberly/McBride)

Safe and Civil: Focus area for the year is the common area "Playground", beginning to work on a set of lessons to implement K-8, getting ready to officially launch the K-8 referral system and levels of infractions/red folder and how it will be used.

ILT: Narrowing in on site's Theory of Action and supporting PD focus area in enhancing rigor/DOK to further support teachers with daily practicality of instructional best practices. ILT members will lead segment of "band" meetings on 10/17.

Great American ShakeOUT - 10/17 @ 10:17


Thursday, October 17, at 10:17 is the Great Shake Out. We will be holding our first earthquake drill on this day. At 10:17am there will be a PA announcement that the shaking has begun. Have your students stay in the drop position and listen for the, "All clear," announcement. We will NOT evacuating. Please read the excerpt below regarding earthquakes.


When the ground begins to shake during an earthquake or aftershock, DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON!

If you are indoors:

DROP to the floor and take cover under a nearby desk or table, or drop to the floor in the safest place against an interior wall. Avoid areas near objects that may fall. Also, avoid any areas under an overhanging.

COVER your eyes by leaning your face downward against an arm. Protect your head and neck by clasping one hand behind your neck.

HOLD ON! to a table or desk and remain in position until the shaking stops and objects stop


  • If an evacuation is called, everyone immediately evacuates and reports to their designated Emergency Assembly Area.

  • As you evacuate, close all doors and leave doors unlocked.

  • Once in the Emergency Assembly Area, teachers process attendance and supervise and monitor the safety and well-being of students and those in their care.

  • When admin or emergency responders determine the situation is safe, staff and students may return to the normal course of business.

If you are outdoors:

Move away from buildings, power lines, block walls, overhanging structures, and objects that might fall or increase the danger. DROP or sit down in a safe area. COVER your eyes and protect your head and neck. Remain in position until the ground stops shaking.

If an evacuation is called, everyone immediately evacuates and reports to their designated Emergency Assembly Area.

Gompers IEP Calendar

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Happenings in Gompers K8 Community

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It will also be available on our school's website.