IR Response

By: Nathan D.

Archer's Quest Summary

The main character is Kevin and his birthday is today and his parents and his grandparents are coming over at 7:00. When Kevin gets home from school he starts his homework. When he is doing his homework and his cap flies right off of his head. He looked around the room and there was a guy on a tiger with a bow and arrow. Kevin was nervous but he got to be good friends with him. His name was Archer. He was lost from his kingdom back in 55 B.C. Kevin tried to help him get back to 55 B.C., but there was too much math and how would you get a person from present time back to 55 B.C.? Kevin tries multiple things and goes to the library and speaks with Mr. Lee. Kevin and Archer leave the library and go to the zoo and they try to ride the tiger. Mr. Lee has followed them to the zoo and they run away from Mr. Lee to a college with a statue of a tiger. Archer finds the tiger statue at the College, but it doesn't return him to 55 B.C. Kevin thinks that Archer is an earth and a fire element so he needs earth. Kevin throws dirt onto Archer and it works. The dirt brings him back to 55 B. C.

My Prediction

My prediction for Archer's future is he'll return to 55 B.C. and he will get bored and miss Kevin. He will want to come and see Kevin again. Archer will ride his special time traveling tiger back to present time. Kevin will be happy to see him. Kevin and Archer will try to travel into the future. Archer will grab an arrow and put it into the tigers neck, which turns the magic on. The tiger is able to time travel into the future. Kevin and Archer end up in the year 2100. They find flying cars, and actual hoverboards. It is peaceful and the countries have remained the same. The robot police notice them in their strange clothes and dangerous tiger and start chasing them. Kevin and Archer have to find a way to get back to 1987 as fast as possible.
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