Parent Notification System

SchoolMessenger - Parent Notification System. This flyer will go over the following information.

  • Login Information
  • Administration Changes
  • **Change Caller ID Settings on Account**
  • Online Training Sessions
  • How - To Send a Notification
  • Attendance Reports
  • How to Create Lists

SchoolMessenger Login Information

Username: Same as Windows login

Password: Same as Windows login

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Administrative Changes

When an attendance clerk, Principal, or any additional staff that has access to SchoolMessenger changes, please let TMS know. This will allow us to make changes to the data you see.

Attendance Clerks get a daily notification when the attendance reports go out. If another person takes that position, TMS must know so that we change this in SchoolMessenger.

Check your Account Settings

When you change to a new campus - Please check your Account Settings

**Especially the CALLER ID Feature**

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New User or Refresher OnLine Training Site

Sign up for online training here:

Quick Tutorial on sending a message to yourself - PRACTICE

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Attendance Reports

Each Principal has access to review Attendance Report sent out daily by SchoolMessenger.

On the SchoolMessenger Dashboard homepage click the drop down box for Show Activity. Click the campus Attendance Report

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Each Attendance Clerk gets a report emailed to them daily for attendance (see below picture).

If you stop receiving these reports, please put in a TMS workorder.

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How to Create a List in SchoolMessenger

Go to the Broadcast Tab

Add new List

Create a List Name: Example - 7th Grade Students

You can add multiple filters:

Grade / Staff / Student /

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