Principal's Update

February 2021

Dear Students & Families,

We have made it into 2nd semester!

We are well aware that remote learning is providing challenges to many students. At the school level, we cannot control when we move to more in person learning. Therefore, we are focusing on controlling what we can and supporting students to the best of our abilities. Thank you to those of you who filled out our Reopening Program Survey. This will greatly help us plan for whenever we are able to return to in person learning. We will be ready!

The best advice I can give is to take advantage of teacher office hours. I frequently hear from teachers that students are not showing up and using this time to get extra help. Our teachers are kind and want to help!

School Office Hours

Monday, Feb. 8th, 12pm

16819 Northeast 159th Street

Brush Prairie, WA

Due to a reduction in staffing, the HHS office will only be open from Noon to 4pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates.

We are still keeping social distancing protocols. Please call or email whenever possible. Our phone number is 360-448-6450.

January E.E.E. Students of the Month

The following students are recognized for showing the following characteristics in the month for January.

  • Engaged - Students that take an active role in their education and are deeply engaged in the learning.
  • Empathetic - Students that show caring towards their classmates and school staff.
  • Endurance - Students that stick with difficult problems and show resilience when things don't go well.

Students of the month:

  • Arts = Liam Soot - Liam often has his video on during Zoom classes. He asks clarifying questions and interacts with both students and his teacher. Liam is helpful to others and continues to produce strong work.
  • CTE = Ann Marie Vickery - Not only did AnnMarie produce phenomenal work in this class, she also handled adversity with grace during the fall semester. She has plans to pursue a medical career post-high school, and I have no doubt that she will make a great healthcare professional
  • English = Mollie Isaacson - Mollie demonstrates the three E's at Hockinson High School each and every day. She consistently engages in her language arts assignments by following directions, independently utilizing resources, and employing her voice within her written work. Mollie demonstrates endurance, patiently accepting and applying feedback from peers and her teaching staff. Mollie is empathetic towards others, demonstrating sensitivity and awareness each day.
  • Health & PE = Chantel Berry - Chantel has perfect attendance for the zoom classes and has her camera on often during the zoom classes. She has a positive attitude and is actively engaged in class activities. Her class work is turned in on time and is high quality.
  • HVA = Gracie Brammer - Gracie powered through the first semester in Edgenuity by the end of November and is currently 10% ahead for second semester in all of her classes. In one elective, she is almost completed with the full year course!
  • Math = Abigail Hansen - Abby demonstrated an impressive amount of endurance as our first semester of Geometry came to a close. I appreciate the time Abby spent with me in office hours trying to make improvements to her grade, and doing so successfully. Abby, I look forward to the opportunity to continue working with you and remember that my office hour “doors” are always open! Thank you for your hard work.
  • Science = Traci Tormanen - For excelling in Physics. Using her opportunities to gain an understanding of physical concepts and using high level math strategies to calculate relationships between motion and the forces that govern motion. She uses her time well and asks for clarification when she is struggling with understanding. Her perseverance in a difficult class should be a model for others.
  • Social Studies =Ava Muller - Ava always contributes to meaningful discussion in general psychology. She has an interest in the field and always wants to know more about topics discussed in class. Also, Ava goes out of her way to help a student struggling in the class. She would help them understand concepts and help them advocate for their needs.
  • World Languages = Lilly Popv - Engaged: ALWAYS has her camera on from the moment class begins, even when few or no other students turn on theirs. It's clear that she's not distracted with other devices during class. Empathetic: Lilly always has a smile on her face. I like to think she's expressing compassion for the teacher, since her great attitude is so reassuring whenever I see her.Endurance: Lilly's joyful approach to the work we do never wavers. She's a pleasure to have in class at all times.
  • Bonus = Ruth Baciuc - Ruth earned this for her work in the Yearbook class. She is highly engaged, concerned about the quality of her work for publication purposes, has a keen eye for design, and a spirit for helping out however she can. She is a rockstar!
  • Bonus = Muhammed Darboe - Open minded and willing to try difficult things. When asked to rise to a specific challenge, he prepared for it, was engaged with it, and demonstrated self-determination.
  • Bonus = Foster Scott -Foster Scott is an amazing young man with great integrity and heart for helping others. He arrives early for his classes and when he is done with his school work, he joyfully helps out wherever he can. On Thursday he was in the art room helping Mrs. Hochhalter organize painting packets for three of her art classes. All the supplies needed to be put into individualized Ziploc bags so that students could pick them up in the main office. Foster was happy to help out. Mrs. Hochhalter said it was wonderful to have his help with the project, and it certainly would have taken her much longer to complete it without Foster there to assist her.

Hawk Athletics Have Begun

Due to the dropping Covid numbers, we have been able to restart sports! We are working on building a new website linked below. It isn't complete but what we have is accurate. We are very excited to see kids back on campus safely participating in events the enjoy!

Final Call to Order Yearbooks

Big picture

Mask Requirements

Please see the infographic below about wearing masks while on campus. At this point the HSD will not allow gaiters or face shields to serve as masks due to the ongoing evaluation of effectiveness.
Big picture

Counselors Schoology Page Reminder

In addition to students accessing their teachers Schoology pages, they should be checking in with our Counselors Schoology page. It includes information on:

  • Forecasting classes
  • Social Emotional Resources
  • College & Career
  • Scholarships
  • Running Start
  • Graduation

They have some excellent information posted. Go check it out.

Book Check Out

Our library is open for book check out with many great new books. The link is here HHS Library and Equity Books. All their student has to do is sign in with their school ID/lunch number and birthdate.

Tutoring/Learning Center Reminder

We have a peer tutoring center after school for students who need some extra help, but are more comfortable asking another student. The tutoring center will be from 3:30 to 4:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to begin with, although those days may be expanded if there is a need.

The detailed schedule can be found at .

If your child is struggling, please encourage them to stop by and join us at

Also, please use our teacher office hours.

Website for more information on Reopening

Below is a link to the Hockinson School District website for Reopening Information. I encourage you to go take a look for more information.

Band Update

On January 18th, in observation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, the Hockinson Music Boosters sponsored the first annual Hockinson Community Cleanup. We had over 40 members of our community, mostly students, show up and spent the morning cleaning up the streets of Hockinson.

The Boosters partnered with SOLVE, an outreach organization focused on community cleanups, stream restoration, and invasive plant removal in the Portland/Metro region. Together we spent 2 ½ hours and gathered over 30 bags of garbage. It was fantastic to see the community rally, kids turn out for community service, and enthusiasm to make this an annual tradition in Hockinson.

Class of 2021 Grad Night Committee Fundraising Opportunities


The Hockinson High School Class of 2021 Graduation Night Committee and local baker and Hawks Mom, Betsy McBride, have partnered for a Delicious Fund Raiser for the Class of 2021 Grad Night.

Order 8 – Filled Chocolates (assorted) – for only $10.00. They are wrapped and ready for Valentine’s Giving! Each Chocolate is Hand-Made and filled with Scrumptious Flavors – including - Peppermint, Dreamicle, Raspberry Lemonade, Heartbreaker (Cinnamon Red-Hot), Peanut Butter, Coconut, Brownie, Berry Medley (Strawberry/Blueberry), & Cherry Cordial. (Assortment depends on availability).

Order now through Monday, February 8, for Thursday, 2/11, 4-6 p.m. Pick-up at the Old Middle School. Limited Quantities. Order now Betsy will take your order and process your payment.

All proceeds/donations go to the HHS Class of 2021 Graduation Committee.

MOD PIZZA EVENT is Tomorrow – 2/10 All Day

If you can help us out, great!

CORRECTION: MOD Pizza Night – FEBRUARY 10th – all day!

20% of your receipt goes to Support the Class of 2021 Grad Night

Valid at the 4th Plain Location only – 14405 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. Suite 120

Use CODE GR167352H when ordering on-line and Mention HHS CLASS OF 2021 in store.

All proceeds/donations go to the HHS Class of 2021 Graduation Committee.

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