Multimedia Project

By: Stefan Kelly

Laptops in the classroom

Laptops in the classroom are a good thing. you can save your work to a cloud, it provides hands on learning which is good for a high school class.

Uploading to a cloud

" If their computer breaks we can issue them a new one and reset all their settings and work from the cloud."

You can't lose work

Helps you keep track of stuff better.

Helps visual learners

Mooresville rose 21 percent during the same period, and 13 percent for third-graders across the district. Oh, and the district's dropout rate fell 54 percent.

Saves Money

Since they rent them out in the long run you save money on buying laptops over textbooks.

Says "A modest community 20 miles north of Charlotte, Mooresville's relatively small school district serves 5,590 K-12 students with the help of 700 employees in eight schools."