Current Graduation Plans

Current graduation plans for graduating High School

What's happening right now

Right now it is set to going to school for four years and basically everyone studying the same thing. We all take our four core subjects english, math, social studies, and science. Along with the four core subjects we are required to take, speech, health, and 2 keyboarding classes. We pretty much can't be individuals. The school district and the state are making us take the same classes with one goal in mind, to be all the same.

Current High School Graduation Plans


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These are our current graduation plans. They do not help support our future needs. We need more of a push to think about our futures. However, these plans do not help some people in their future choices.

What if I told you that we could have another graduation plan? One that would help people decide what they would like to do. This plan would help push us into the right path; the path of our future.