IPads in the classroom

By: Mackenzie Witnauer

The problem

Schools are spending to much money for textbooks. If we get rid of the textbooks and get rid of the comuters, we"ll have enough money to buy each kid their own student IPad.

My Point of veiw

My opinion is that the kids should be able to carry IPads instead of textbooks because they wouldnt have to worry about overdue charges or ripping of anything. The kids would also have more pictures that they understand and the hard words or texts could be read out to them if the student wasn't such a good reader. I think the students would have more fun with their learning because they can have fun videos to look at or even pictures to enjoy! These IPads would have every app or link you would need, it would block off anything inappropriate or something you would not need. These are my reasons, and Ihope every schools could do this.


Apple reports "schools in more than 600 districts have bought IPads for all of their students" The Valley Morning Star company said "schools should stop using textbooks, because they constantly change and the schools are using way to much money for them, and they waist a ton of paper!" Ted from Ted.com all he had to say was "Its more fun for the kids and they can get more visual pictures so they understand.

Summing it up

Using IPads would be easier and faster. It saves you money, because on computers you always have to download some kind of application and you can get viruses, and on textbooks they can get wet and wrinkle they can rip and cut and then you would have to pay for it. IPads are perfect because they are light and easy to carry to classes, nobody would try to steel or break your IPad because they would have their own.

Wrapping it up

IPads are as easy as riding a bike they are fast, smooth, and simple, so I suggest schools from all over the world schools should get IPads for their students. If they announce that there is gonna be IPads they are going to be so happy! We dont want to kill trees so lets save paper! I hope schools change to IPads. This is what I think of IPads in the classroom.