The Reconstruction of the South

The south calls it Reconstruction, but is it really?

March 15th, 1871

It has been about 6 years since the Reconstruction Period began. The 13th Amendment has been passed and African American slaves are out of slavery, but African- Americans are still being treated badly. The 13th Amendment legally abolished slavery in the South. The 14th amendment was passed on July 9th, 1868. This amendment gave African Americans equal rights as the whites. Then the 15th Amendment was passed. It was ratified on February 3rd, 1870. This amendment gave the right for African American men the right the vote with the whites.

Reconstruction in the South Effects the North

To elaborate...

The Reconstructed period effected the south because of the unequal and tension between the two races. The Freedman's Bureau was an act that helped poor whites and former African American slaves. This act was passed by the Congress in the 1860's. The South's government wasn't that strong. They had this period to strengthen the government.