Upcoming Events and Applications

For the Month of March

Get Involved: There Are Two Upcoming Applications

Career Ambassador Application

Due March 18

Interested students simply need to drop their resume via EagleOps. Ambassadors get 1:1 networking with recruiters, consistent contact with Career Advisors for professional development, marketing and public speaking experience.

International Community Impact Award

Due March 23

Nominate someone you believe should be recognized: The International Community Impact Award acknowledges students who have made a significant positive impact on the Emory community through initiatives, interactions, and contributions to the international community


Upcoming Events at LSM and Emory

  1. March 19 @ 7 PM-10 PM- Emory Arts Underground Event in Cox Hall Ballroom
  2. March 20 @ 12 PM-2PM- Best of Emory Event in Few MPR
  3. March 22 @ 7 PM-Brazilian Student Association hosting Jeopardy in the LSM Lobby (Pizza will be provided)
  4. March 23 @ 6 PM-Religious Identity Conversation In Light of Current Events in the LSM Lobby (Saba dinner will be provided)
  5. March 24 @ 9 PM- The Senior Experience Community-1st Year Throwback Event in the LSM Lobby
  6. March 25 @ 11:30 AM-1 PM- Coffee/Tea/Snacks with Sofya in the LSM Lobby
  7. March 25 @ 1PM-2:30 PM- Portuguese Conversation Hour in the LSM Lobby
  8. March 25 @ 2:30 PM- She is the First Event and Discussion in the LSM Lobby
  9. March 25 @ 3 PM-5 PM- RHA Spring Festival at McDonough Field