Walt Diseny

By: Byron Fuhrman

Early life

My name is Walt Disney I was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. I was 1 of 5 children. I attended Park Elementary School. Later my father became ill and I was a newspaper deliverer at 3:30 am. I inteandened Benton Grammer School. I intended the Kansas City Art Institute on Saturday mornings.

Middle life

I started McKinley High School and didn't get my High School diploma. I went back to Kansas City. I learned animation and did searies that is animated. My first job was for Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studioand I found Ub Iwerks. We made Iworks-Disney Commercial Artists. I left Film Ad Company on March of 1922. I made laugh-O-Gram films.

Elder life

I made Micky Mouse from an an actual pet mouse I kept in my office in Cansas City. I made cartunes all over my life and some of them are Bambie, Snow White, and Alice in wanderland. the government went into my land for 8 months.I have lots of academy awards won. I died on December 15. 1966 Because of lung cancer (age of 65)