Trip To The Cleveland Metro Park Zoo

Life Science Of Cleveland

I went on a trip with my cousin Matthew and his family to Cleveland. At the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo we observed all of his favorite animals. Penguins,rhinos , giraffes were some of the animals that we observed.

My Favorite Part Of The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

My favorite part of my visit to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was spending time with my cousin and pushing him around in his wheelchair. ( Matthew has a brain disorder and my Aunt Becky thought that I could take his mind off of his testing at the Cleveland Clinic.) I also like when the elephants crossed through the "Elephant Crossing." The elephant crossing is when a couple of the workers open the doors to each exhibit and the would go thought the space in between the two doors into the next exhibit.

A Few Things About Myself

I am a competitive dancer and with that I dance about 19 hours a week. I will have nationals this summer in Atlantic City,NJ. I struggle a little with science and math, of course the ones that require more thinking.