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Please share how your team/class integrates technology...

October was Cyber Safety Month

You can always talk to your students about being digital citizens throughout the school year. There are a number of resources to use. Here is a link from our Digital Learning Coach website:

Additional Lessons were uploaded to Eduphoria, under the Social Studies tab for each grade level. Please know, the Digital Citizen lessons do not replace your SS lessons. This was the only place we could house them on Eduphoria.

Technology Integration Ideas

There are a number of technology integration examples on the FISD Connected Learner Site. Please do not feel that you have to reinvent the wheel. Also, if you have examples that you would like to add to the site, please share them with me. Here is the link:
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Where do I find the Technology Application TEKS in Eduphoria?

If you are trying to find the TA TEKS to add to your lessons in Eduphoria, then you are in luck. Click on your grade level, then choose a subject area and you will find the Technology Applications for your grade level. You can select these TEKS to be added to your lesson planner in Eduphoria. Please see the screenshot below.
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Are you looking for ways to integrate technology into your classroom? Check this out!

Check out a few examples of teachers using technology in the classroom...

Tech Toolbox

Don't forget about the resources that are available to you in the Digital Learning Coaches's Tech Toolbox. Here is the direct link:
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“True self-confidence is “the courage to be open—to welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source.” Real self-confidence is not reflected in a title, an expensive suit, a fancy car, or a series of acquisitions. It is reflected in your mindset: your readiness to grow.”
Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success