Rebecca Higbee's Bucket List

April 2014

White Water Rafting

I would go White Water Rafting in Chile's Futaleufu River. Physical weathering occurred by glaciers digging into the ground and creating gullies. Sediment got picked up with the ice. A glacier made this river and then melted into running water to create this fast paced stream. I would take my best friends Tal and Emmie with me.
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Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking the Futaleufu River, Chile

Canyon Rope Swing

Next on my bucket list is to go rope swinging in Corona Arch, Utah. This famous landmark was formed by physical weathering because it involved wind, not chemicals. Wind with sand particles in it made the huge sandstone rock erode leaving this huge hole in the rock. I would do this if my dad went with me.
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Another thing I would like to do is go snowboarding on Monarch Mountain in Colorado. Physical weathering occurred by a river creating a valley. It is physical because no chemical changes were involved to create Colorado's Monarch Mountain. The type of erosion that worked on this mountain was running water. I love snow so I believe this would be fun!
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Fourth on my bucket list is to go surfing in Hawaii, U.S.A. Physical weathering occurred here because it was waves that eroded away the rocks and beach and left a beautiful ocean for surfing. Not chemical weathering because normally water is not acidy. I would go to Hawaii with my entire family.
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Cave Scuba Diving

The final thing to do on my bucket list is to go cave scuba diving in The Great Blue Hole in Belize, Central America. Physical weathering created this magnificent underwater cave. The reason this is not chemical weathering is because it was created by a glacier, not limestone acid, which is chemical. Still, this cave has an interesting story. It was made by quaternary glaciers in the ice age when the sea level was much lower. Then the sea rose and flooded the cave creating a deep pool of water that can be seen from space. I would go with a scuba instructor down into The Great Blue Hole.
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