Laurie S. 3rd period Mr. Masengill


Located off the southern tip of the Malay peninsula Singapore made up of 59 islands is one of the world’s smallest country. Even though this island country is so small it has one of the world’s most productive economies. This country also has one of the world’s busiest harbor in the city of Singapore. Lots of goods pass through our port. Those goods are unloaded, loaded, stored, and shipped again. We have many factories to produce high-tech goods, paper products, machinery, and chemicals. Many people of our 4 million population in Singapore enjoy their high standard living.

Slogan - Singapore "Our country may be small but our buildings are tall"

Geoghraphy & Climate

Most of our islands lie near the sea level. The highest elevation is Timah Hill witch reaches 177 meters above sea level. Most of the central part of the main island is covered by rain forests. Some of our animals include monkeys, squirrels, civets, monitor lizards, pythons, and cobras. Our climate is very hot. The average temperature is 80 degrees fahrenheit. Singapore’s temperature is not likely to reach temperatures over 94 degrees fahrenhiet. Our main island geats about 95 inches of rain each year. This is when monsoons come from the northeast causing lots of thunderstorms during our wettest months from November to March. Our dry season is from June to October.

People & Culture

Many of our people are Chinese. The rest of our people are Malays and Indians. We also have many foreign people working in our country. We speak four languages Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil.
Our country’s constitution allows you to have freedom of religion. Some religions include Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism, and Hinduism. Most of our Chinese practice Buddhism or Daoism and our Malays are mostly Muslim. As for the Indians they practice Hinduism and our Europeans are Christianity.
In 2003 all children at the age of six were required to enter school. Our students would attend six years of primary school and five years of secondary school. At school the children would learn new languages like English and the native language of their family. And now about half the people in our country can read two or more languages..
Many people in our country stick with Western-styled clothing but the Indians stick with their traditional dress wear.
Our restaurants serve Chinese, Malay, and Indian dishes. There are also some fast food places from America and other Western-styled foods. Bigger restaurants serve some food from around the world like Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese.
Singapore’s art, music, and theatre reflect the cultures of the many groups. Some of our events include Chinese operas, Indian dancing, and Malay theatre. The annual Singapore Arts Festival bring many dancers, musicians, and artist from around the world.

Govenrment & Citizenship

We are a sovereign republic. We have a legal system based upon the English common law.

The Constitution lays down the principles and framework for the three organs of state, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary.

The Executive contain the Cabinet, which is responsible for the direction of the Government and countable to Parliament.

The Legislature contains the Parliament and is the legislative authority responsible for enacting legislation.

The Judiciary's job is to independently administer justice. The Judiciary is safeguarded by the Constitution.

The Prime Minister is selected by the President of Singapore under Article 25 of the Constitution. The President, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, also selects other Ministers from among the Members of Parliament.

The Prime Minister is the active head of the executive branch of government. He chairs the Cabinet.

Singapore citizens have the right to vote and stand in elections. People of Singapore have a high degree of traveling freedom. Kids of Singapore can enjoy free primary level of school education. Smoking under the age of 18 in Singapore is not allowed.

Smoking is also not allowed in many indoor places in Singapore, however there are certain areas where smokers can smoke. In emergencies Singapore citizens are to call 995 for the fire department and ambulance and 999 for the police.


Our economy is a successful free-market. We have an open pro-business environment. We have one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world. The economy depends a lot on exports and refining imported raw materials and especially in manufacturing.
The most contributors to the economy are electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, mechanical engineering, and biomedical sciences.
Singapore has one of the busiest ports in the world and is the world's fourth largest foreign-exchange trading center. Singapore has attracted investments from more than 3,000 multinational corporations from the United States, Japan, and Europe, across almost all parts of the economy.