Weekly PIT Happenings

November 18 - 22

Adobe Photoshop

Your students have been working on Adobe Photoshop and they have made some fantastic products. While we have had to work around the VDI lab issues (but good news - we are making progress!), they were still able to complete the assignment. Their first project was to create either a world picture (using polar coordinates) or a graffiti wall picture (their choice). The second assignment was their pick of what they wanted to do to impress me - one student had a flame dragon growing out of their hand and one had a surfing polar bear! All in all they did fantastic! I think they enjoyed it and learned some skills to use in other classes when they have projects!

Holocaust Project

Because of the VDI lab issues, we had to put parts of the Holocaust project on hold but we will be picking it up and running with it starting Tuesday. Tuesday and Wednesday they will begin to formulate their ideas and start the writing process and Thursday and Friday they will learn the difference between MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association). MLA is the format English and History classes use for research, while any of the STEM classes will utilize APA. The students will learn how to allow Word to do all the formatting for them and I will show them how to easily convert between the two. This will definitely help the with their coursework throughout their academic career.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Just a reminder - we are out for the Thanksgiving Holiday from November 23 - December 1, 2013. I cannot believe how fast this semester has gone. Thank you again for sharing your child with me. Have a great holiday, enjoy time with loved ones and eat lots of turkey and dressing for me!