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His Story

This month we will focus on the truth that God sent His son Jesus to earth for me and for you. While Jesus was here, He did AMAZING things!!

Throughout the month of March, we will learn about Jesus when He was 12 years old asking questions in the temple, about His incredible baptism, about the miracle He performed at a wedding, and about how Jesus taught us to pray.

Jesus was and is amazing!! He wants to be your child's friend forever! How incredible is that?

Memory Verse

Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever."

*Try these cool hand motions when reviewing the verse!

Jesus (pointer finger points to the opposite palm where the nails were driven through Jesus' hand...repeat with the other hand)

is the same (fold hands and bow head as if to pray)

yesterday (point behind you)

today (point towards the floor)

and forever (make rolling forward motions with your arms).

Mark Your Calendar!

Eastridge - Jackson Lake Campus will be having a Community Egg Hunt and Picnic on April 13th at 12pm! Please help support this exciting community outreach by donating individually wrapped candy and plastic eggs. You can drop off donations in the atrium.
Also, I am excited to announce that Baby Dedication will be held on May 11th, Mother's Day! More details coming soon!