Who Discovered America

By: Kyra Kubehl

Why Chief Howling Wind and the Native Americans are the True Discovers of America

Why Chief Howling Wind and his people are the first and true Discovers of America

There are many reasons why I believe that Chief Howling Wind and the Natives were the true Discovers of the place we call America. The first piece of evidence is that in almost every story the Natives were in it and were living on the land when the other Discovers came to the land that was new to them, for instance the only reason Hoei-Shin came looking for the new land was because he needed to spread religion of his people to the savage people as they so called them. Next the Natives crossed long ago on the land bridge that once connected North America and Asia the land bridge is still there its just under water we have even found it. Then there is the fact that they Killed some of the new comers but then they also were attacked by the new comers like Christopher Columbus that killed almost 3 million Tíanos which were a trip of Native people and then took them back home to be slaves in which started the slave drive using many people like Native Americans. Thats why I believe that the Natives are the true discovers of America.

Why others don't deserve credit


There are a couple reasons why Hoei-Shin doesn't deserve credit for discovering America. The first reason is that he was sent on a voyage to spread the Buddhist religion to the people he called savage. Then he didnt even make a life or colony he just left behind a few things like a ruined junk ship. So although there is proof he was here but there where no colonies or attempts at colonies he just went to spread religion to people he found to be savage. Thats why I believe he did not discover America.

Christopher Columbus

Columbus is one of the most famous discovers but he still is not the true discover. The first reason when he came here he killed around 3 million tíanos a tribe of natives and then he took around 500 back to be slaves there forth beginning the slave market. Although he put up many colonies the Natives had been living there for years as a matter of fact they are still here and would be far more common if it wasn't for us. Not to mention America isn't even named after him if it was it would be called something like Columbia it was named after another explorer Amerigo Vespucci from the same area. Thats why Columbus doesn't deserve credit.

Leif Erickson and Bjarni Herjulfsson

There are a few reasons why Leif and Bjarni don't deserve credit for discovering America. The first reason is that he never actually found it he was told of it by Bjarni who didnt even step on the land and just saw it therefore making him just another person that claims to have discovered America. Then his colonies were very poor because they didnt last long at all. Not to mention the vikings never even wanted to believe that there was land because of how much disinterest there was. It was believed by Morrison that Bjarni should get the more credit of the two but I believe that if they should even get credit it should be equal. So is there any reason for Bjarni or Leif should get credit or any vikings at all?

Prince Madoc of Wales

There are a couple of reasons why Prince Madoc is not the true discover of America. The first reason is because when his people came with him on the ten ships that he had they cam and tried to colonize but the Natives where there first and slaughtered them. So if the Prince would have been the true discover then he would have been here before the natives and they might have lasted longer. Also you cant get true credit for discovering something if there were people there before you even if you think that you are above them you still cant make that claim. That is why Prince Madoc of Whales cant be the true discover of America.

Brendan the Bold

There are also a few reason why even Brendan cant be the true discover of America. The first reason why he cant be the true discover is because there were no meager artifacts found from him or his people so wheres the proof? Really the only proof are the stories of his voyage in look of paradise. It is also hard to believe that a ship of animal skins was able to cross the seas twice. Thats why I don't believe it could have been Brendan.

Why others could get credit

Although the others don't have anywhere near as much credit for discovering America there are some ways that they do get credit. Although Columbus wasn't very nice to the Natives he should still get a little credit for being the first European on America. Though Brendan didnt leave much evidence he did describe the land he thought was paradise well and he could get some credit for that. Leif and Bjarni could get some credit seeing as one found the land and another tried to colonize. The Prince could get some credit because he tried to colonize but was killed by the Natives so he didnt have much of a chance there. Although Hoei-shin didnt try to colonize he tried to spread his religion and didnt kill people or try to take over so he should get a bit of credit more than Columbus. Thats how some can get credit but aren't the true discovers of America.