The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Grace Boucher

How Tom changed

Tom has changed in this story because, when he started at baseball camp he did not want to be there at all. Then things got better and Tom really wanted to be there and thought they really had a chance at winning the big game. Even at the end Tom was still positive even if he didn't win, they all tried their best. Tom has changed in a positive way. Now Tom found his voice and is not the shy guy.


Don't Give Up: My theme is don't Give Up the reason I choose this is because, the wildcats would not give up on winning. The wildcats tried as hard as they could in practice. They also tried as hard as they could in the big game. What I think the author was trying to get across was don't give up on something you want, and that's what they did.


My favorite part of the book was when they went to see Dante Del Gato. Cruz and Tom are going to see Dante Del Gato and they where going to his house but a big problem came along there was a big wall to block his house from people. They thought they could climb it so they where and the wall broke and dogs came barking at them. Then Dante Del Gato came out and told the dogs to stop. Cruz and Tom told them what they wanted and Dante didnt know what to say but no. Cruz and Tom left with nothing but a no, but the next day Dante showed up at the field


I chose Hollis B as my character. I chose Hollis B because in my opinion he was the funnest character. Hollis B was very importent to the story because, he gave not a boring book that you dont wanna read. Some of Hollis B's characteristics was he was very crazy and weird. Someone who I think Hollis B is like is my friend Rylee. I think he is like Rylee because they are both really funny and weird.

My Hero

My hero is my brother Travis. He is my hero beacuse he helps me with my math homework when I need it. Also my brother takes me to my friends house.