New Jersey

By: Dillon R. Maki


If you come visit New Jersey you can go swimming at the Jersey shore the water is nice and refreshing.A lot more you can go to Ellis island A very beautiful place, great fall it is very common to see a rainbow, New Jersey state house very white, and Branch Brook park nice pink leaves and tree's.

Come to the place were the New Jersey Devils live if your brave enough.

New Jersey fun facts

Fun Facts

  • state flower is a purple violet
  • The state dance is the square dance
  • State insect is the honey bee
  • the state mammal is the horse
  • state fish is Brook trout
  • state Motto is come see for yourself
  • state tree is Norther red oak

New Jersey History

New Jersey become a state in December 18, 1787. The famous people that live in New Jersey are Buzz Aldine, Judy Blume, Grover Cleveland, David Copperfield, Michael Dugles,Thomas Edison, Whitney Houston, Derek Jeter, Jon Bon Jovi, Jack Nicholson, Shaquille O' Neal, Queen Latifah, Bill Parcells, Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Mery Streep,and Dave Thomas.
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