The Truth Behind

Food marketing and nutitional supplements

Whey protein powder

Processed protein powders may also contain large amounts of MSG in the form of protein isolates because separating protein from its food source during manufacturing results in the creation of MSG. You won’t see it in the list of ingredients because it is a by-product of manufacturing and does not have to be listed.

Some health issues associated with vitamin and mineral imbalances include heart arrhythmias, eye problems, bone loss, auto-immune disorders, thyroid issues, and kidney problems.

Protein powders can expose you to harmful levels of heavy metals

The truth in food marketing labels

When you spend your hard-earned money on a food claiming to be more ethical or healthier than its competitors, you feel duped when you find out that claim is essentially meaningless. Yet, it happens a lot, thanks to the lack of regulations around feel-good claims like "natural" and "free-range." And those are just two of the biggest offenders. These 11 meaningless claims are all too common on food packages, so consider yourself forewarned--don't buy foods with these words on the box!