NEWSLETTER 21 September 2022

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Kia ora koutou

What an amazing week we are having, we are certainly going out with a bang celebrating our last week here at our Hāwera Intermediate site.

Staff had an amazing get together last weekend and this week students have numerous events scheduled which have been much appreciated.

Friday of course is our Closing ceremony to which you are all warmly invited. We are hoping for fine weather, if we head to the Assembly of God Church due to poor weather, we will update this on Facebook and send a group text out.

Alongside all festivities school has been operating as usual- Student Reports have been forwarded and Home School partnership meetings undertaken.

Classroom programmes have continued and amongst this busyness staff have depersonalised all classroom spaces making ready for our shift. A huge thank you is extended to staff, they have and have continued to do, an outstanding job throughout this process.

Results from our Speech finals and Cross Country winners are included in this newsletter.

Thank you to John Rohs, Principal of Hāwera High School who judged our speeches.

Congratulations to you all.

We also thank the Department of Conservation Rangers and in particular Tāne Houston who supported our trapping Predator Programme on the Maunga, this too has now finished.

And amongst all our craziness here at school we were extremely appreciative of Ngati Ruanui who shared a lovely morning tea with us through the week. This was very much appreciated by all staff, thank you.

This is our last newsletter for the term - next week all students are out and about on camp activities, leaving Tuesday morning.

We look forward to a fabulous closure event, fantastic camps away, a smooth transition over to the High School site and will welcome everyone back on Monday October 17th with a Powhiri at Hāwera High School to which everyone is invited. Safe travels if heading away, see you all next term.

Enjoy your holiday break

Nga mihi nui


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Cross Country Winners:

Year 8 Girls: 1st: Peyton Scott, 2nd: Crystelle Judson, 3rd: Anthea Sharrock

Year 8 Boys: 1st: James Ogle, 2nd: Drej Climo, 3rd: Maluapapa Manutai

Year 7 Girls: 1st: Eliza Kahui, 2nd: Mikayla Arnold, 3rd: Emily Cleaver

Year 7 Boys: 1st: Bryn Espin, 2nd: Brayden Hughes, 3rd: Fynn Byers

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Congratulations to our final twelve students who took part in the school speech finals last week. Each whanau put through 4 winners who then battled it out in front of HHS Principal John Rohs, who was our judge.

A varied number of topics ranging from light hearted 'Jokes' to the more serious topics of Animal Testing and Mental Health were presented, all speeches were of a high calibre.

Winners on the day were:

1st: Tamamihiata Edwards - Te Paepae o Aotea

2nd: Indyka Hill - My Sister

3rd: Libby Johnston - 4 Day Week

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Recently Room 6 designed and created bird feeders to help the environment with providing food for birds. In our class we had a competition on who could make the best and the winners were: Tayah in first place, Porsha in second, and then Silas and Marijke as third equal.

The purpose of making the feeders was so there would be food for any birds that need it and also it would work as a safe place for animals/birds from predators or pest which can kill and decrease some of the population of any animal. Also helping birds can make a better environment for all of us.

When animals are plentiful in our environment it means they have the potential to create an ecosystem on our Earth.

Kaitiakitanga is an important value to hold in our world - We should always be guardians of our people, our animals and our environment.

By Porsha Lasike

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Camp Fees

A huge thank you to whanau who have contributed Camp Fees over the week. Please deposit directly into our School Bank Account, including your name or student's name in the Reference. Our account number is 15 3950 0412889 00

Automatic Payments can be set up if required - please talk with Dizzy at the office.

We would appreciate payment by Friday 23 September.

Camp Week will soon be upon us - Tuesday 27th-30th September....In preparation for the same we have included Camp Gear lists for each "away" camp

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■ Sleeping bag /Blankets Pillow

■ x3 towels

■ Swimming togs

■ Raincoat / Warm jacket - no umbrellas

■ Torch

■ Sunblock & Sunhat

■ Sandshoes - casual

■ Closed in sneakers - MUST for activities

■ Jandals or scuffs/slides

■ PJs

■ Underwear - for 4 days +

■ Socks x 4+

■ Singlets

■ Shorts x3

■ Pants x3 -

■ T-shirts x4

■ Hoodie / Jersey x 3

■ Toiletries - soap/gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hair ties, etc

■ Plastic bags x 2 for wet/dirty clothing.

(Please ensure ­all clothing is named. We will not be held responsible for unnamed items that go missing).

■ Playing cards - optional

■ Morning Tea for Tuesday. (Lunch in Schools will be provided by the school)

■ Drink bottle MUST HAVE!!! - Water only

■ ice-cream container of home baking or a bag of fruit/pack of biscuits for shared snacks / break meals - put in boxes when arriving. Please don’t send containers needing to be returned.

Medication: To be handed to the camp leader - Des Bain in a named / sealed container / bag on the day

Please do NOT bring:

■ Cell phones / iPads etc (school devices will be available for photos)

■ Money

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  • Clothing for three days including a warm jersey (underwear, shorts/trousers, tops, socks)

  • Swimming togs

  • PJs

  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo)

  • Sun hat

  • Towels x3

  • Pillow

  • Sheet

  • Sleeping bag/blanket

  • Sensible walking shoes (sneakers)

  • Home baking for morning tea, afternoon tea and supper

  • A packet of Marshmallows

  • Drink bottle

  • Plastic Bags for wet or Dirty Clothing

  • Any medication required (to be handed to Whaea Lania in a named bag please with instructions)


  • Torch, Insect repellent, Sunblock (Named)

No electronic devices, lollies or money please

All items to be named

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  • Sleeping bag / Pillow

  • x3 towels

  • Swimming togs

  • Raincoat / Warm jacket - no umbrellas

  • Torch

  • Sunblock & Sunhat

  • Sandshoes - casual

  • Gumboots - if you have them

  • Closed in sneakers - MUST for activities

  • Jandals or scuffs/slides

  • PJ’s

  • Underwear - for 4 days +

  • Socks x 4+

  • Singlets

  • Shorts x3

  • Pants x2

  • T-shirts x4

  • Hoodie / Jersey x 2

  • Toiletries - soap/gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hair ties, sunscreen, insect repellent

  • Glasses / Contacts

  • Plastic bags x 2 for wet/dirty clothing. (Please ensure ­all clothing is named. We will not be held responsible for unnamed items that go missing).

  • Playing cards - optional

  • Morning Tea. (Lunch in Schools will be provided by the school)

  • Drink bottle MUST HAVE!!! - Water only

  • MASK

  • One item of food / ice-cream container of home baking / bag of fruit / pack of biscuits for shared snacks / break meals - put in boxes when arriving at the bus. Please don’t send containers needing to be returned. Items to be put in crates before hopping on the bus.


to be handed to the medicine leader - Kathryn Moss (Room 1) in a named / sealed container / bag in Week 9 of Term 3 (the week before camp).

Please do NOT bring:

  • Cell-phones / iPads etc

  • Junk food

  • Money

  • Pets

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  • Wednesday 21 September - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Thursday 22 September - School Disco, 7pm Community Centre
  • Monday 26 September - Teacher only Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • 27 - 30 September - School Camps
  • Friday 30 September - Term 3 Ends

  • Monday 17 October - Term 4 Begins Now based at HHS site
  • Monday 24 October - Labour Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Sunday 6 November - Lions Speech Makers Competition
  • Tuesday 6 December - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Wednesday 7 December - Home School Partnership Meetings
  • Thursday 8 December - Big Day Out
  • Tuesday 13 December - Year 7 & 8 Student Formal
  • Wednesday 14 December - Service Assembly
  • Thursday 15 December - Formal Assembly, Term 4 Ends for students
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some of your questions answerd

What is Whānau Hui and why is it every day?

Whānau Hui is important. The Social and Emotional Curriculum is taught during this time. Essentially this is the Health Curriculum, and it is a compulsory area of learning in all New Zealand Schools. At Te Paepae o Aotea we value authentic connections and focus on supporting all our students – Whānau Teachers will support, guide and mentor students alongside their families. They will assist students to plan, track and review their learning programmes and progress. Students have leadership opportunities during Whānau Hui. Assemblies will also happen at this time.

Why are NCEA standards going to have bigger numbers of credits?

What happens if we fail some? Is it going to be harder to get NCEA now? The NCEA system is currently under review and changes are being piloted in schools across New Zealand. The Ministry of Education have developed new standards for all subjects. Some of the changes include: all standards have 5 credits; subjects have more portfolio type assessments (the ability to gather evidence over time) and externals are held twice a year. All schools will teach the new standards. The Ministry assures us that students will be able to achieve credits and gain endorsements as they have in the previous system. NCEA Review document.

In the Junior School, if our friends are in different houses, does this mean that they won’t be in our classes?

Foundations (Literacy and Numeracy) are taught in house groups where possible. There will be some students that are in other learning groups, depending on their individual needs. All students are supported and extended in their learning. Integrated Learning Modules and Flexi-time classes are made, based on student choice, and this will mean students may not be in their house/Whare groups.

Can you please explain the Integrated Learning Modules again? In the junior school how are we going to learn the other subjects like Science, Social Studies and things we normally do at High School?

During the Integrated Learning Modules in the Junior School all subject areas are covered. Some modules will be subject specific, especially at Year 10. Other modules will include learning from more than one subject area. Flexitime can also be used to opt into extension courses and other courses. Students will choose two ILM per term and must choose different ones to ensure they cover all curriculum areas.

In the Senior School students can select subject specific modules (e.g. Physics, Maths, Art) or integrated modules. Modules will run for one semester, or they may run over two semesters.

Can we study subjects like Drama and TCT (Woodwork)?

Yes, at Te Paepae o Aotea you will be able to study more subjects that you enjoy or need. You will have greater choice in what you study. For example, an Integrated Learning Module will include core subjects like English, Science, PE, with a strong Drama or TCT focus.

Are we going to be able to get university entrance?

Yes, all NCEA qualifications are achievable at Te Paepae o Aotea. Students are encouraged to strive to attain course/subject/level endorsements and university entrance.

If classes have more than one year level, are we all going to learn the same content? And will we learn everything that we need?

No, content is specific to the needs of the learners. Students will be extended and supported as needed. Students must complete all parts of the New Zealand Curriculum. With their families and Whānau teachers, they will track and make sure all curriculum areas are covered at every level.

Will Flexi Time be able to be used to study other subjects that are not taught anywhere else? Yes. Students will be able to opt into extension courses and other courses that are offered. Students can suggest subjects/courses that they would like to study, and everything will be considered. These courses could be for shorter periods of time. For example, 6 weeks, or they could run longer if there is demand. Flexi time can be used in multiple ways. Some students will use the time to catch up and finish work if they have been away/missed work.

Are phones allowed at school?

Phones are allowed at school but are not allowed to be used during class time. They must be turned off and in their bags. Phones are NOT learning devices. Students need access to a learning device (laptop), and they can bring their own BYOD or we will provide them with a school device. Senior students can take their school device home, junior students will leave theirs charging at school. Personal devices go home each day with the student owner.

How does the literacy/numeracy block work in the Junior School? How do we learn both at once? Is numeracy and literacy only 45 minutes, 4 times a week in the Junior School?

The morning block is 1.5 hours long. It is designed to ensure equal time for explicit numeracy and literacy teaching (Maths and English) 4 times a week. In addition to this Maths and English are taught in Integrated Learning Modules and extension courses in Flexi time. Year 9/10 students will be working toward achieving the literacy and numeracy standards required for NCEA Level 1 by the end of year 10. All students can expect that they are taught literacy and numeracy by teachers with subject expertise at their level. This means that foundation skills will look different for year 7 & 8s and for Year 9 & 10 students.

Why are we getting a playground at high school? Could the money be spent on other things? There will be approximately 350 Year 7 and 8 students at Te Paepae o Aotea. All intermediate aged students benefit from using a playground. We collected voice from all feeder schools and the students clearly said they wanted a playground in their new school. The Ministry of Education has allocated specific funds for this project. Te Paepae o Aotea has money allocated to purchase new sports equipment that will benefit the older students.

Is there a canteen? Yes, there will be food available to purchase at the existing canteen. We are a Healthy Eating School. The supplied free school lunches will be distributed from the Canteen for the junior students and the Learning Village at Bayly Park for senior students. Extra lunches will be available from the canteen at interval and lunchtime.

Why is Community Contribution every week in the Junior School?

What will we do in Community Contribution time? Community contribution is every week because students will need time to complete large meaningful projects that will contribute within the school community or across the wider local community. Projects provide students with choice and agency over their learning context. Students will plan their project and include learning from at least two subject areas within the New Zealand Curriculum.

Students will either; be supported to establish Community based projects; work within existing projects; or they will be given agency to lead their own initiative. Students are responsible for gathering evidence for their digital learning portfolio during this work. This work is shared with the community at the end of every term, with Celebration Days.

What happens in Taha Tinana?

At Te Paepae o Aotea all junior students are physically active for 30 mins a day - a minimum of 4 times a week. They develop their personalised active learning program, nourishing and strengthening physical wellbeing. Working alongside their Whānau teacher, students set goals, plan and implement their physical plan. Examples of activities they might choose are walking, jogging, yoga, dance, gym, swimming etc. Note: Physical Education and Health is taught through Integrated Learning Modules.

How will the Year 9 and 10s learning be different from the Year 7 and 8s? Year 7 and 8 students have different learning needs to Year 9 and 10. All three learning blocks include learning at the level appropriate for the students. Year 7 and 8s mostly work together in classes. Integrated Learning Programmes, Numeracy and Literacy, Community Contribution and Flexitime will be pitched at the appropriate levels of the students. Some Literacy and Numeracy classes, ILM and Flexitime courses will be specific for Year 10 students and some specifically for Year 9s. Others will be mixed.

Will there be mixed year group classes? Yes, Year 7 and 8 students will be mixed classes. Year 9 and 10 students will be a combination of mixed individual year group classes based on needs. There will also be some mixed level senior classes. This is because students learning needs will be met at Te Paepae o Aotea. All students will be extended and supported in their learning and will have access to what they need for their pathway.

If our programme is decided at the start of the year, what happens if we change our minds about what we want to study? In the senior school you will have the opportunity to change your course at the end of semester one. In the junior school you get the choice every term to start new learning modules.

Is it compulsory to be involved in extra-curricular activities? No, but it is encouraged. Extra-curricular activities include anything in the Cultural, Arts and Sport areas. Te Paepae o Aotea believes that essential learning takes place in extracurricular activities, lifelong friends are made, and it is also an opportunity to work alongside staff and the community in a positive and rewarding way. There are many benefits of contributing to the wider school community. Te Paepae o Aotea students will always strive to reach their full potential in cultural, arts and sport.

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community notices

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Normanby Athletics Club 2022-2023 Season

First Registration Night & Coaching:

Monday 10th October 5.45pm.

Normanby Domain

Club night is Monday nights

Registrations for all ages. New and previous members welcome.

Contacts Karen Brooks 278 3374 or Steve Gray 272 8445