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February 2018

From the Desk of Mrs. Uhlorn

Happy February Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The first semester has come and gone. As I read through all the comments of our students I was struck by one thing, how amazing each and every student of Amity Elementary is. Each child brings something special to our community and for that we are grateful.

This month my focus is on connecting with your child(ren). This started because of the traditions we established in our home. Every night when I tuck our boys into bed I ask my oldest boy four questions. Each night the questions change, but one stays constant. "What question do you have for me?" He asks something different every night, sometimes I have to Google the answer because he asks complex questions about space, like, "How many stars are there in our solar system?" (200 billion - or more, in the event you were wondering). Just recently I asked my child, "What makes you feel the most loved?" His response was surprising to me. He informed me it is our time before bed when we connect over the four questions. I thought it was going to be something superficial like when I buy him ice cream or a game to play together. It reminded me how important human to human contact is via conversation. I know more about my child's interests and thoughts through this quick ten-fifteen minute connection. I am including a link to 50 questions to ask your child. This is a great resource to start the conversations.

I look forward to continuing to build connections with your child(ren). Any time you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to email or call.


Valerie Uhlorn


Just a quick reminder, personal cell phones and gizmos are welcome at Amity Elementary. However, during school hours they need to be silenced and put away in backpacks. We also do not allow cell phones on field trips, this is to protect your child's belongings as the school district is not responsible for lost/stolen or damaged items children bring to school. Teacher's have devices they can take pictures with and will share those pictures with families as they find necessary.

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Amity's 5th Annual Bingo Night

Our 5th Annual Bingo Night will be held on Thursday, February 22nd, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. All of our families are invited to attend. A parent/guardian must stay on-site with their children.

If you want to skip the bingo card line, pre-order your cards! Look in your child's Friday Folder soon for a bingo card pre-order form. Send in the form with payment, and we'll have an express lane waiting for you!

Not only is this a great opportunity to enjoy bingo with your family, but we will also have our silent basket auction in the main hallway. Be sure to walk through and bid on your favorite baskets! The basket themes are assigned by grade level. Any donation you can send in is much appreciated. The themes are:

Kindergarten: Color My World (Arts and crafts items for both kids and adults or gift certificates for JoAnns, Micheals, etc)

First Grade: My Dad Rocks (BBQ items, sports, outdoor/camping/fishing gear, gift cards, etc)

Second Grade: What's Cookin'? (Recipe books, kitchen tools & supplies, aprons, gift cards, etc)

Third Grade: Game Night (Board games, snacks and drinks, cozy blanket, movies, gift cards, etc)

Fourth Grade: Sports Fanatics (Team/college gear, sports equipment, video games, gift cards, etc)

Fifth Grade: Spa Day (Bath products, robe, soft towels, face and nail products, gift cards, etc)

Sixth Grade: Summer Fun (Outdoor games and equipment, BBQ tools, beach toys, bubbles, outdoor chalk, gift cards)

Your donation does not have to be for just your child's grade level. If you would like to donate for any of the other baskets and/or send in a restaurant gift card, please feel free to do so!

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Should the New Amity Elementary Have a New Mascot?

Should the new Amity Elementary's mascot remain the Groundhog, or should we have a new mascot? We'd like your input. Click here to vote!

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Second Quarter GRIT Winners

During the second quarter, the Groundhogs focused on responsibility. The class who earned the most GRIT points was Miss Hastings' first grade class. They earned a pizza party and will keep Solar Sam in their classroom until March. Our individual winners were:

Kindergarten: Isaac J, Amarea P, Ella R, Connor M, Hailey K, and Charlie H

First Grade: Gabby Z, Ryker R, Clara B, Jack B, Tayley D, Trey N, Abby K, and Alex B

Second Grade: Scout W, Kyler R, Max O, Daniel W, Jayten D, and Bella H

Third Grade: Jaxson R, Normandie P, Trevor S. Eva W, Lauren A, Ethan S

Fourth Grade: Cole S, Finn O, Hiro B, Shelby W, David H, Armin S

Fifth Grade: Sydney R, Austin J, Dylan R, Alyssa C, Jackson P, Kayla C

Sixth Grade: Zachary M, Kimmy M, Annie Y, Harrison R, Aiden B, Deanne M

Our third quarter GRIT trait is integrity. Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is going to know whether you did it or not.

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Construction Update

Wow - this month has brought a lot of changes to the structure of the new Amity Elementary. We are getting anxious to see the continued progress. Ryan Smith, our head engineer let us know they are 80% done with the outer structure. In two weeks they will begin to lay the brick veneer. Next week they will be putting the trusses on the gym and library followed by the metal roof. What we cannot see is the magic happening inside. Walls are going up, while electrical and plumbing is being completed! We cannot thank these construction workers and engineers of Beniton Construction enough!