Hot Off The Press!

Quick Things for Monday, September 28, 2015


The class earned their first compliment celebration of the year. Each day students work hard on basic behavior skills as a group. When someone notices their good behavior and compliments them, we add a letter to the word COMPLIMENT on our board in the classroom. When we spell out the entire word, students are allowed to choose and vote on a reward.

This time, students decided to have a read-in this Thursday.

Please allow your child to bring in a pillow and/or blanket to stretch out and read with during the time we set aside for this. This is not a PJ day and students are not to bring stuffed animals, just pillows or blankets.

Thank you for your help in making this celebration special!


PTA is working on purchasing shirts for students like the ones the teachers have with our STEAM name. Please visit this document and input your child's information so that I can let them know what sizes to purchase for our class.


Don't forget about the meeting for to help kick off our WatchDOGS program tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. (PIZZA will be provided for those who attend).

Book Order

A new Scholastic book order form came home last week. Please be sure to order and pay before October 18th. Our last book order arrived within 3 days of our placing the order. Books make GREAT gifts!!

MaGiC in Room 105

Each day in our classroom we do the calendar to support a number of mathematic skills. Only once or twice at the start of the year, does the day that we show on our calendar match up with the number of days we have been in school. Today was day #28, tomorrow is day #29, and Wednesday is day #30 (both on the calendar and on our tens/ones counting board). I told the students this was like magic and did a magic trick for them - one student proceeded to pull a nickel out of my ear - such talent!!

If your child mentions sharing a magic trick at school, I have told them this is allowed for the next 2 days. :) Thanks for letting them share their talents. :)


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