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Going Green Club! R.H.S.S.

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Going Green is a club that provides inspired environmental students at Rick Hansen Secondary School with knowledgeable information on how to sustain our earth and what dangers could erupt if we continue to destroy it.

This club also provides its members with many different opportunities to interact with the environment and help develop environmental stewardness. If you are an inspired environmentalist and looking for opportunities to make a difference in this world, “Going Green” is the club for you!

Main Focus (Goal):

This club shall place more attention and devotion to making our school a greener place. We shall raise awareness on protecting our environment and its natural resources by engaging its students through thrilling activities, that will provide members with opportunities to interact with the environment.

The Going Green Club

Monday, Feb. 16th, 3:15-5pm

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

The Going Green Club is held in room 214,

every Monday after school.

Welcomes all students!

Club Activities that may take place:

- Shall provide members with the opportunities to visit the bog; study and enjoy a 12 000 years old wetland in the heart of Mississauga!

- Have bake sales and give proceeds to environmental organizations

- Allow members to volunteer at the Bog Fest! Where they are given the opportunity to participate in:

1/ Planting trees

2/ Bird watching

3/ Eco Tours

4/ Building Bird Nests

5/ Litter Clean Ups

- Be in the recycling committee at school

- Be part of "Bring Back the Wild Campaign"

- Have field trips to wildlife locations

- Be able to plant a small organic gardens, that will grow fresh organic vegetables, free of pesticides. *That could be given to the schools cafeteria

- Make special events at school, such as " Kids walk to school day..." or "A waste free lunch period"

- Make posters, brochures to educate more people on the issues at hand

How will we know if this club has made a difference?

We will know if this club has brought positive changes or awareness about the environment by the increase in members. If the club proceeds to expand in members and if more people would participate, it will demonstrate how well our propaganda and knowledge has persuaded the students at Rick Hansen to take action to sustain our earth. It will also demonstrate how much awareness and understanding the students have gathered from joining this club. It could also be determined by the amount of cars that are in the parking lot. This is because if our message of reducing our carbon footprint and sustaining the earth has been able to persuade the student body, then it could be seen by the decrease in the amount of people taking their cars to school. Many people hopefully would take other forms of transportation, like walking, carpooling or taking the public transit. If these changes do not occur, it means our club has not been trying hard enough to get the message across the student body. Meaning this club will have to try harder to produce more engaging activities and provide more valuable and persuasive information on how to sustain our earth.

Little Changes that could make a BIG difference

You do not have to be in a club to make a difference, you could do the little things that could make a big difference in this world. You could make a contribution by:

  • Home composting
  • Finding alternative energy sources, such as solar or wind
  • Recycle/reduce/reuse
  • Use reusable water bottles instead of getting plastic water bottles
  • Find alternative forms of transportation, such as walking, biking or carpooling instead of using a car
  • Not purchasing pre-packaged goods

Health Benfits of Going Green!

  • Affects your attitude, you will develop more positive thoughts
  • Reduce in diseases
  • You could breathe easier
  • You will be healthier from eating fresh organic goods
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Environmental Benefits from Going Green!

  • Reduce in acid rain
  • Reduce in climate change
  • Environment would be more sustainable
  • Reduce in pollution and global warming
  • There will be a reduce in green house gases

Inspirational Video!

John Doerr at the 2007 TED Talks

If going green club is the club for you, come to room 214 every monday afterschool!