Wanted: Cobalt

$500 Million if found

Wanted For

  • Not being able to have six metals
  • Not being able have his needed vitamin B12
  • Not being in Nickel and Copper
  • Not having enough istotope in himself

Also Reffered to...

  • CO: atomic symbol
  • Atomic number 27
  • Cobalt-60
  • Terror
  • Cobaltum
  • Cobalto
  • Cubaalt


Cobalt is a bluish color

The atomic mass is 50 to 72

The atomic number is 27

Cobalt is a metal

Cobalt is a solid in room tempature

Cobalt's Protons, neutrons, and electrons

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George Brandt finds Cobalt!

George Brandt is Swedish chemist who taught about chemistry at Uppsala University. He was a man who was very nice but wanted to prove himself a lot. He did find out though that you could color grass blue and ended up being very successful.

George Brandt gets his hands on Cobalt 1st!

George Brandt was the first to discover Cobalt in 1735. He was a Swedish chemist and had a lot of things to say about Cobalt. He gave everyone a lot of information on Cobalt like, how there are six metals and six half metals in Cobalt. He found Cobalt by trying to prove that you could color grass blue.

Cobalt was last seen...

Cobalt was last located as number 27 on the periodic table. Cobalt was also last located on period 4 on the table. Cobalt also is seen as a transition metal. You could try and find metal hiding in mines around the world.

Known Assoiotes...

  • Arsenic
  • Sulfur
  • Copper
  • Chlorine

When you add all of this you end up with a complex and precipitate is formed.

Equilibrium in cobalt(II) chloride solution

More Information on Cobalt

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