By Anthony

What is Anti-Semitism?

  • Anti-Semitism is hatred or prejudice (bias) against Jews
  • Anti-Semitism still exists today, but was extremely evident during the Holocaust

Current event

This current event explains and shows an example of modern-day anti-semitism in the campus of UCLA. A student, Rachel Beyda was looking to be nominated onto the council's judicial board. She was asked if her being a Jew would prevent her from having an unbiased view on different issues, then was rejected. However, after being reminded that this shouldn't be an issue, they unanimously accepted her.

Anti-Semitism & Hitler

About Hitler

  • According to Hitler’s autobiography, he had made a decision to be an anti-Semite early in his life

  • Hitler considered the Jews to be inferior as well

Hitler During WWII

  • Hitler was a great speaker, and constantly complained about the Jews, saying they were "at the root" of every problem in Germany

  • Hitler became the leader of the German Worker’s Party and soon added the words “National Socialist” to the group name; soon they became known as the Nazi Party

  • Overall, anti-semitism was the belief that Jews held too much power and were responsible for everything bad that happened in the world

  • Hitler used his time in the courtroom (after being arrested for treason) to rant against the Jews, knowing many Germans admired him
  • After Germany’s Great Depression put 6 million people out of work, Hitler used this opportunity to blame the Jews
  • When the Allies won the war, it temporarily put extreme violence involving Anti-Semitism to rest