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Most Reliable Elementary Newspaper: September 2015 Edition

Meet Our 2015-2016 Newspaper Staff! By Mrs. Blackwelder and Mrs. Register

We are very excited to be working with such a smart, motivated bunch of young journalists this year! In our first issue, we wanted to let our readers know a little bit about who will be bringing them the news each month. Each writer has chosen a unique format to explain a little bit about who he or she is. Take a moment to get to know them...and get excited about what they will share with us this year!
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Top 10 Places to Be After School by Zachary.F

1. In my room on my iPad,

2. In the hall with playing with my Nerf guns,

3. In my front yard playing with neighbor,

4. In my living room reading a book,

5. Outside with my little brother,

6. In my bed,

7. In my living room watching TV,

8. In rocking chair,

9. In my room playing with Legos,

10.Playing with my baby brother.

All About Me Anna Kate S.

First I go to school a Fair Forest Elementary school. At Fair Forest I am on the newspaper staff, (that is why I am typing this right now.)It is a good thing I am a writer for the newspaper staff. All of my other teachers from K5, first grade, second grade, and third grade they say I am a very creative writer. Witch I Am, it’s true. In the second grade I was asked to right a comic book, but instead I wrote a story about a special needs girl. I still got a 100 on my story. Even though I didn’t do what the teacher told me to do. But I was the only one who did that. That is why everyone says that I am very creative in my own little way. Right now I am in the fourth grade in Mrs. West class. After school I go to Mount. Zion Baptist church. I go there and have a snack, do my homework, and have a bible study. The owner Mrs. Tammy is subsisting at my School right now. She is working in Mrs. Timmis Room. Mrs. Timmis Daughter is my Best friend. I think that is enough about me for one day
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Emilee’s Top 10 Places to Be By: Emilee B

1. in bed watching T.V

2. at the beach with my friends (and family)

3. in Florida

4. Reading outside on my deck enjoying the summer air (before it’s gone!)

5. Swimming

6. Traveling

7. Shopping (in the mall)

8. with my family

9. Spending time with my sister

10. at my friend’s grave rembering the times we had together

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About Me By: Amaya J

  1. Feeling: Excited about this writing

  2. Wearing: A light blue tank top, white shorts, and some black flip- flop

  3. Wanting: To be an older sister

  4. Needing: more sleep in the morning

  5. Eating: A cheese pizza and fruit roll up for lunch

  6. Drinking: A cold cup of red Kool-Aid

  7. Thinking: I will do good on this writing

  8. Loving: To type and write

I go to school at Fairforest Elementary don’t mean to brag but it is an awesome school. I love to write and type. It is so cool how they brought technology to the planet! You can do awesome thing with just a keyboard and some nice relaxing peace. You can type anywhere!

If you know how to spell words and you have an auto corrector on your computer then just type! Get out what you want! You can write the story down own a piece of paper, then you can start typing , it’s just so you can type without thinking and without getting words messed up. Have fun typing if you wants to.

Yohali M.R.'s Top 10 Places to BE When she`s NOT at School:

10- asleep in my bed

9-walking around my street with friends/cousins

8- Being at soccer practice

7-playing at the park with my family

6- Shopping at the mall

5-being at Carowinds with my family

4-doing my homework in my room while hearing music

3-practicing my viola in my room

2-eating at Burger king

1-sitting beside my window texting

My Name is Tiffany F.

My favorite thing to do in school is math. I love school. I like to go to P.E .I do not like the cold weather. I have 3 people living with me. My favorite colors are blue and pink. I like cupcake and cake. I like playing outside. Everyone in my family is sweet and nice.
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Melissa’s 10 Top Places When She’s not in School By Melissa H

10. Going to the mall

9. Eat at chines

8. To swim at lake

7. Soccer fields

6. Movies

5. Going with friend to Carowinds

4. Texting

3. Go to sleep

2. Playing on my tablet

1. Watching TV

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All About Me By: Amira L.

I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. My dad`s name is Corey and my mom`s name is Brittany. My favorite subjects in school are social studies and science. Outside of school my favorite thing to do is watch TV or go to the mall. My birthday is January 26, 2006.I wanted to do newspaper because it gives people a lot more information and help people know what`s going on around the school.

These Are My Top 10 Things I Like to do when I’m Not at School by Breanna M.

1: I love to read in my spare time. 2: I really like to play my tablet. 3: I like to watch TV. 4: I love to play with my dog. 5: I try to play with my cat without getting scratched. 6: I like to draw and paint. 7: I make up a game with my little brother Logan. 8: I like to play bored games. 9: I like to sing in my room. 10: I like to play with my neighbor.

All About Me By Norma R

I like to draw, talk, play, and going to places. I would like to go to North Carolina and go to Las Vegas because my grandma lives there. I wanted to be on the newspaper staff because I love to write, I love to read newspapers, I want to make my own and I am so happy to be writing a newspaper so you can read it.

About Me By Rebecca R.

I am responsible, helpful, and very nice. Also I can be a little bossy but can still be nice. I have a sister named Jessica, a brother named Alex, a mom and a dad that love each other . Plus I care about others and put other first. I love every person and have many friend. All my teachers love me and say she is grate. I talk a lot but in class I talk when spoken or raise my hand.

About the FES Falcon Staff

We are a group of bright and hard-working third, fourth, and fifth grade students. We love learning, writing, and being able to share our school's big events with our readers.