Safe text-messaging option for teachers!

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Remind is a free app that you can download onto your iOS or Android phone. Set-up is simple and tied to an e-mail account. You may set up any number of classes, and then text messages to subscribers. All the students (or family members) need to do is text a class number to a specific number and then they will receive your text messages.
What is Remind?

Where does Remind fit in the BISD Digital Learning Platform?

Best Practices- Structures

Remind can help communicate expectations in a flipped or blended learning classroom. Using the technology that students and parents use most, Remind text messaging makes communication efficient, safe, and quick.

Best-Practices for Using REMIND

1. Keep your messages concise. Avoid sending multiple messages one after another.

2. Proofread carefully before sending. Auto-correct does tricky things to our words!

3. Establish a schedule of when you will be sending out REMIND messages and communicate this often with students and parents.

4. Consider creating different REMIND classes for different class periods or different groups. People don't like receiving texts that don't pertain to them.

5. Think about creating an ESL REMIND group for parents who speak other languages. Then, tailor these texts with added images and less linguistically complex messages. And, use the TRANSLATE function!

6. Schedule texts for students to come during non-instructional times, if possible.

7. Remember, REMIND as a communication tool should be thought of the way you think of email. Once a message is out there, anyone has access to it. Reflect before you SEND.

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REMIND: Attach!

Remind Attach - Send Photos, Assignments and Presentations to Your Students and Parents Phones

REMIND: Activities!

Remind How-To: Activities Walkthrough

How do YOU want to use REMIND?

Remind App Classroom Ideas