Alfred Nobel

The life of a man of science

Baby Days

Alfred was born on October 21, 1833 in Stockholm Sweden. He had four siblings Ludvig, Robert, Emil, and Betty. His parents were Caroline and Immauel. His Father Immauel was an engineer and inventor. His father owned a business witch started to lose business when Alfred was born. So Immauel decided to move the business to Russia to get better business. Alfred was mostly interested in Literature, Chemistry, and Physics. His father wanted Alfred to follow in his footsteps and didn't like Alfred's interest in poetry. He sent him to study and become a chemical engineer.

Alfred travels abroud

Alfred went to Paris and worked in the laboratory of Professor T.J. Pelouze. There he met Ascanio Sobrero a Italian chemist. Three years earlier he had invented nitroglycerine, a highly explosive liquid. Alfred became very interested in nitroglycerine. He thought it could be used in construction work. He returned to Russia after his studies and he worked with his father to create nitroglycerine as a commercially and technically useful explosive. He later Invented dynamite using nitroglycerine and where used in mining. He then moved on to become very famous but then died on December 10, 1806 in San Remo Italy.
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