Where Men Win Glory

by Jon Krakauer

A story of a determined man..

And his transition from a life of fame and fortune with his professional football career into the regimented and brutal life of a military soldier because of the tragic experience of 9/11. Pat Tillman, the protagonist of the story, starts to question his role in society and how significant it really is. With a sudden sense of determination he plunges himself into the battlefield to redeem and protect his fellow Americans.
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In the novel Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer, the protagonist, Pat Tillman, undergoes a life changing experience that would undoubtedly alter his future in a drastic way. The attacks on the the World Trade Center on 9/11 had a massive impact on the life of Pat Tillman. At this time, playing football was the most important aspect of life. In fact he received a contract with this NFL side, the Cardinals for a fee of $3.6 million. This, to most people, would be an irresistible offer. However, this would not be the case for Tillman. Having been affected by the attacks by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban on the United States, Tillman began to rethink his life and what he was doing with it. He began to question his role in society and its significance on the people around him. Eventually he makes the courageous decision to walk away from his football contract to enlist in the United States Army. This sudden stroke of determination to serve for his country would lead to his ultimate demise. On April 22, 2004 Tillman would be killed by one of his fellow soldiers. This is an unusual death to happen to military soldiers and therefore was covered up from the family of the deceased. A while after the funeral of Pat Tilman, the government decided to divulge the true story of what happened to the unfortunate soldier on that sad day.
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Character Analysis

Jon Krakauer characterizes Pat Tilman as a man who always want to do more for himself and the people around him. Therefore after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 Tillman wanted to help fight for his country. This type of characterization his what leads the story through the main plot and lands the protagonist in the dangerous setting of Iraq.


This novel was a very inspiring and fairly unique type of story. Jon Krakauer devoted a majority of the story to Pat Tillman's past and also describing the hostile setting of the story of Iraq. These long descriptions of the setting and of the protagonist, were quite boring, however,was very necessary to capture the setting and plot of the story. This is a fantastic and inspiring story and is highly recommended to most readers.

By Nicholas Ferrigno