The Fourth Grade Flyer

Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Gulam, Mrs. McIntosh, Mrs. Bowles

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The Math and Reading STAAR tests are next week!

We are so proud of all of the hard work that our fourth graders and their hard work! Please make sure that your child...

  1. goes to bed early on Sunday and Monday night and gets plenty of sleep
  2. eats a nutritious breakfast on the morning of the test
  3. brings clean snacks (nothing that can leave a mess on their test!) and a water bottle
  4. arrives to school on time, ready to shine!
  5. Don't forget to encourage them to do their best!

Important Austin Information

A Note to Chaperones

All chaperones MUST complete the online background check by May 6th. You can find it by clicking here!

Austin Parent Meeting

Tuesday, May 17th, 3:15pm

9800 Rodeo Drive

Irving, TX

Join us to learn more about our Austin field trip!

Famous Frozen Figures

Famous Frozen Figures

Monday, May 16th, 8am

9800 Rodeo Drive

Irving, TX

Put this date on your calendar - you wont want to miss our fourth grade museum of Famous Frozen Figures! More information to come!
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A Note From Mrs. Montano

Mrs. Montano is looking for 8 VRE parents who would like to come and talk about their careers to our 4th and 5th grade learners on Wednesday, May 25th, in the afternoon. This is a great opportunity for our learners to start exploring and become educated on the various careers that are out there. This is open for any VRE parent. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Montano, or 214-496-8512 for further details. Thank you!

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Click the button below for the spelling and vocabulary words!

  • Math: Moose Math due Friday
  • Reading: Selection due Friday
  • PBL: Work on your Famous Frozen Figures costume and speech
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Star Saver Bank Dates

May 6- B/D

May 19 - A/C

Dates to Remember

May Dates

  • 9th: Math STAAR
  • 10th: Reading STAAR
  • 16th: Famous Frozen Figures
  • 17th: Austin Parent Meeting
  • 18th: 4th grade school day performance
  • 19th: 4th grade evening performance
  • 20th: Field Day
  • 24th: Austin field trip
  • 30th: No school

June Dates

  • 2nd: Last day of school (early release)
  • 3rd: Bad weather make-up day