Growth Mindset

Growing your mind each and every day!

What is a Growth Mindset?

What is a mindset? Or...What is a growth mindset? A mindset is an established self theory held by someone. A growth mindset person will venture out into the unknown to discover new ideas and possibilities. A growth mindset is when somebody understands that their abilities and talents can be developed through effort, good teaching, perseverance, and persistence. When somebody with a growth mindset is faced with an adversity, they do anything to solve it or fix it.People with a growth mindset believe that everyone can get smarter if they work at it. They have perseverance which helps them achieve difficult tasks everyday.(courtesy of Carol Dweck)

How is it helpful?

A growth mindset will help you put forth more effort and have motivation. You will accept more challenges which will help you learn, you will become an overall stronger person, become smarter, wiser and successful. All of this will give you an all-inclusive happier life.

When should you use growth mindset?

ALWAYS! A growth mindset should be used throughout your whole life! It will help you be successful and secure greater things.

How should you use a growth mindset?

To use a growth mindset always put forth a big amount of effort, always engage in challenges, continue over obstacles, learn from criticism and learn from the success of others. Make sure you focus on improving your skills/intelligence.

How can it help you long term

Having a growth mindset over a long period of time can help you gain success. You will have a greater potential to be a hard worker, gain a higher GPA and test scores, positive self esteem, lowers the risk of depression, increases resilience, creates an open mind, ditches the stress of trying to prove yourself, and can get you into a good college.

All in all, having a growth mindset, can help you be included in many tasks and makes you triumphant!

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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed mindset

Ever heard of a fixed mindset? A fixed mindset is the complete opposite of growth mindset. One common characteristic of a fixed mindset is giving up. If you feel a problem is to difficult you give up. In growth mindset, that person would persevere till the end.

Lets begin with a scenario. Scenario 1- Sara is a good volleyball player that makes innocent mistakes. She is a valued team member. She plays for a good volleyball club and plays on one of the highest teams. Sara has a big problem though. She believes her basic abilities are fine, talent is the only way to gain success, falls for obstacles, she documents her talent instead of developing it, and, doesn't accept challenges because she is afraid of failing. This is evidence of a fixed mindset.

Scenario 2- Rebecca is on the same team as Sara and they have closed to the same abilities. one thing is different though, Rebecca is the exact opposite of Sara. Rebecca accepts challenges, puts fort lots of effort, believes she can improve, isn't afraid of failing, and doesn't fall for obstacles. This is evidence of a growth mindset. This shows the difference of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

According to Carol Dweck, a mindset is a self perception people have of themselves. Dweck says that a fixed mindset is when people believe in their basic abilities, they believe they are inadequate, they only document their success or intelligence, they don't try to improve themselves, they are definitely complacent, they are idle in improving their intelligence, they either believe they are smart or dumb or good enough or not good enough, they don't put forth much effort, and are afraid of failing so they don't try as hard. On the other hand, a growth mindset is when people believe they can develop their basic abilities through hard work and dedication, they have ambition, they have resolve, they learn from criticism, they put forth a lot of effort, accept challenges, they have conviction, they can become smarter if they persevere, and lastly the view failures as an opportunity to improve their learning skills. Unfortunately, many people have a fixed mindset instead of a growth mindset.

A main difference between Growth mindset and a fixed mindset is success. People with a growth mindset are more prone to success because of their dedication, hard work, confidence, and resilience. A fixed mindset is afraid of trying challenges and doesn't believe in developing their abilities so they are not as open to success.

As a result, Growth mindset people are able to reach their full potential and attain success. Fixed mindset people are not.

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How to attain a growth mindset

Do you know what a growth mindset is? Do you understand how to obtain one? Do you know how to use one?

A growth mindset is when people believe their basic abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. You know what the telephone, the light bulb, the camera, and the phonograph all are, right? Do you know who the inventor/businessman behind all of that was, right? If you don't, it was Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison worked hard, had dedication, had willpower, put forth effort, learned from criticism, ran over obstacles, and learned from others. Thomas Edison persevered through the difficult times in his life from bullying to teachers being unkind to him to not having many friends. His childhood was difficult in someways. He had a growth mindset through the difficult time of his childhood and adulthood. This is why we have all of these innovations. You are about to learn about how to be like Thomas Edison.

Step 1: If you have a fixed mindset, don't let those thoughts take over you. Have no doubts in what you do and, don't accept failure as an option. Take on the growth mindset characteristics (read description article). Step 2: Realize that you have a choice of what you can do. Understand that you can achieve anything if you really try. Step 3: Fight the fixed mindset thoughts with growth mindset thoughts. Don't let the fixed mindset thoughts take over you. Accept challenges wholeheartedly, believe in your intelligence, put forth effort, and accept challenges. Step 4: Understand that things take time and effort. Even if you fail, you still tried. Step 5: Make a list of your flaws or problems. Treat this like a to-do list and try to improve/overcome your flaws. Step 6: Take failure as something that can make you stronger. Tell yourself to grow and learn from your mistakes. Remember, to make a mistake you have to put forth effort at something.;) Step 7: Believe in yourself and work hard! Step 8: Commit to mastering your skill. Step 9: Learn from criticism and from the success of others. This will help you improve your skills. Lastly, know you can never stop improving!!!

Using these steps can help you obtain a growth mindset! In the future, using a growth mindset, will help you accomplish many things.

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The effects of having a fixed mindset.

Over time, a fixed mindset can begin to rot your mind. It can also stump your growth, learning, intelligence, happiness, and ability to be resilient.

From the website, I found a simple scenario- " For over a week, Nelly has talked about middle school soccer tryouts. "World Cup, here I come!" she yells, dribbling the ball between two orange cones in the backyard. Friday morning, Nelly is visibly tense. She pokes at her cereal and instigates a fight with her dad, Delly. In an attempt to calm her nerves, Delly reassures "I'll be rooting for you today. Remember what I've been saying you're so talented, there's no reason to be nervous. "Dad I'm not sure I wanna go out for soccer anymore." She hangs her head down and mumbles, "I'm just going to take the bus home after school." Delly probs gently, "Did something happen?" Nelly concludes "I just...I don't want to try out,"

This scenario shows a girl who had a growth mindset but then dropped it and went to a fixed mindset. Nelly, yielded when she was afraid of failing. The outcomes of having a fixed mindset can be harmful to you.

On a Ted Talk, Carol Dweck spoke about fixed mindsets and growth mindsets. She says that overtime a fixed mindset person will begin to fail because they don't take on challenges, put forth effort, try anything new, or they only believe in their basic abilities. Research shows that fixed mindset students raise their hands less, engage in fewer activities, receive lower grades, take longer to recover from setbacks, you choose to avoid challenges, work on making a good self image, they don't "grow", and frequently says "too difficult". This can lead to frequent drops in intelligence and happiness.

All in all, Having a fixed mindset can change your life completely. You will frequently be upset about things and will make mistakes more often. Having a growth mindset means perseverance and achievement. It can lead you to much better places than a fixed mindset.

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Keeping up with growth mindset

Do you have issues keeping up with a growth mindset? Or do you sometimes have instances of a fixed mindset in your head? Or do you not have a growth mindset at all? What are you supposed to do?

For example- A boy named David began having a fixed mindset during his high school years. He didn't put forth effort, didn't accept challenges, didn't do extra credit, felt his abilities could not be fixed, which resulted in him feeling like a failure. He began getting bad grades. His mom began to realize their was a problem. With some encouragement from his family he began to realize that he could improve himself. So in a couple weeks (little by little) he gained his growth mindset back by putting forth effort and believing in his abilities. He started to get good grades again and feel better about himself.

If you are having problems with a fixed mindset Dr. Carol Dweck has some recommendations to keep a growth mindset. Some solutions to this issue may be- being aware. Be aware of your every move and actions. Have ambition and resilience! Understand you have potential, look at how you react to challenges, failure, and opportunities. Push yourself a bit harder each time. Venture out into the unknown-you never know what can happen! See yourself accomplishing or finishing something. Review and reflect on your mistakes. Learn from criticism. Lastly, Keep track of yourself. Dr. Dweck also states that having a growth mindset creates motivation and productivity! Hope this helps and gives you ideas to keep your growth mindset!

In conclusion, to fend away the problem of having a fixed mindset can be very difficult and complicated. But with perseverance and persistence you can accomplish many things, including a growth mindset.

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