Hard Working Talent

By: Kaiya H P.2

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard" She always worked hard and definitely had the talent. Every since she was younger, Jennie Finch wanted to play softball. She wanted to far with softball, but she couldn't just make a wish and "POOF" into the Olympics. Jennie Finch had to work hard to get where she wanted in life.

Jennie's two older brothers played baseball, and Bev, her mother, was a huge baseball fan herself. Jennie loved watching them play and wanted to be just like them. So on Jennie's 5th birthday, September 3, 1985, he parents surprised her by signing her up for t-ball. Jennie was so excited that she could be just like her brothers!

Only at age eight, Jennie and her father, Doug, started pitching together. Pretty soon, Doug became her personal coach. They worked on improving her pitching and her hitting skills. With all the hard work Jennie put in, she was already on a 10u select traveling team at age nine.

After years and years of working hard, Jennie made the varsity team at La Miranda High School, pitching and playing first base. Jennie got a scholarship at Arizona and she pitched a 60 winning streak! That definitely took a lot of practice and hard work. Not long after, Jennie's dream came true; she had made it into the Olympics!!!! On the USA team, she got a gold and two silver medals. *cough cough hard work*

Jennie Finch in is an inspirational softball player and person in general. She hold two day camps for girls of all ages to share her inspiration and teach kids to work hard. Always remember, you don't have to talent for anything as long as you have hard work and dedication.


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